How To Make Him Miss You When You’re On Vacation Without Him

You’re on vacation with your BFFs or even on your own and your partner’s back at home. Although you obviously miss him, telling him this every hour is going to make him wish you’d stay away for longer. There are better and easier ways to make him miss you when you’re not around. Here are 10 to consider.

Go do you. Step away from your phone. Leave it in your hotel room when you’re out exploring the sights, seriously. Let him come to you. Sometimes what happens is that people get too used to the fact that their partners are always around. Let him miss you! How do you do that? Don’t be super-available every time he texts.

Have a ball. He’ll think you have no life if you’re moping around on vaca because you miss him. You have a fantastic life outside of your relationship and now’s the time to really enjoy it. The bonus of this is that your partner will hear from the stories that you tell him later that you’re a confident, fun-loving, and interesting woman who has her own life. That’s really attractive.

Share pics on social media. When you’re sharing holiday snaps to Instagram and Facebook, your partner’s sure to see them and realize how much he wishes he were with you. Uploading pics to your socials is a great way to show him how much fun you’re having. This is much more effective than telling him how sad you are that he’s not around. Happiness is the most attractive quality in a person!

Don’t go overboard, though. While it’s great to show him how much fun you’re having with your friends, you don’t have to overdo it by posting pics every hour or timing when you do so that you’re ensured he’ll see them. And don’t tag him in them so that he can’t help but see all your notifications. It’s better when he sees them for himself instead of you telling him to go check them out.

Avoid giving TMI. When he calls to say hi and you end up on the phone for hours, enjoy the conversation but don’t give him TMI about your holiday. Save that for when you see him, that way you won’t feel like you have nothing to say when you see each other. Maintain some mystery and it’ll keep him hooked without you having to do so much work.

Avoid too-long phone calls. If you’re behaving in the same way on holiday as when you’re with your boyfriend, you might as well have stayed home. When you’re away from him for a weekend or longer, it’s the perfect time to see how he really feels for you. With that in mind, the last thing you want to do is chat on the phone for six hours every night. He’s supposed to be missing you, and he can’t do that if you’re together in a virtual sense.

Keep texts chilled. Yes, you want to tell him how much you want to have him there with you and how sexy he looks in his new selfie, but keep it together. While there’s nothing wrong with being warm and open with him, the last thing you want to do is sound like you can’t go a weekend without the guy.

Don’t check in. Linked to the previous point is how you should avoid sending him texts so that you can check in. Does he really need to know when you’ve reached your holiday destination? Does he really need to know you’re getting ready to go to bed or that your phone will be out of range during your hike? No! These texts are boring and will make him wonder why you feel the need to share trivial info with him.

Be positive. Whenever you do hear from him, be upbeat and positive. He wants to chat to and be around someone who brings sunshine into his life. When your communication makes him feel good, he’ll want more of it – and he’ll miss you like crazy.

Avoid completely ignoring him. While making him miss you is one thing, it’s a completely different story if you go AWOL for the duration of your time away. You still want to connect, after all. If you block him out, his feeling of missing you could end up backfiring by making him block you.

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