How To Make Him Want A Second Date Before You’re Even Done The First

How To Make Him Want A Second Date Before You’re Even Done The First ©iStock/teksomolika

The impression you make on a first date is what will determine whether or not you get a second. In fact, many guys actually use the first date as the time when they decide whether they’ll write you off, casually date you, or marry you, despite how silly that sounds. If you think he’s worth seeing again, here are 15 things that will help him feel the same about you.

  1. If you’ve known him for while, offer to make a meal for him on the first date. Unleash your inner Martha Stewart! Guys absolutely love a girl who can cook well, and if you are able to do it exceptionally well, you can almost usually be sure that he’ll want to be your boyfriend at one point or another.
  2. Show off your dancing skills. If he’s very outgoing and is alright with dancing, then the easiest way to gain his attention in a good way is to flaunt your own assets through dance. A lot of men believe that the way a girl dances reflects how she’ll be in bed. If you’ve got rhythm, he’ll love seeing it in action.
  3. Illustrate your good taste by taking him to an exclusive restaurant. Granted, some men are actually scared off or intimidated by a woman who digs fancy restaurants, but guys who aren’t provincial are usually pretty impressed when they see a girl who can tell them what an omakase menu is.
  4. Talk literature, news, or politics with him. Too often, girls believe that they should “play thick” for the guys they like. This is actually the worst possible thing you can do, because smart guys can’t stand a girl who pretends to be thick when she isn’t. Playing thick for a guy may impress him, but then you’ll end up being stuck with an insecure idiot as a boyfriend. Talking about intelligent topics will help you learn about what his interests are, and will also allow you to better gauge whether or not you’re compatible.
  5. Look good for YOU — he’ll appreciate the effort, as well. It’s the easiest way to impress any guy. Period.
  6. Avoid fishing for compliments, acting insecure, or getting too clingy. Confident behavior is still the easiest way to attract a guy. If you know you’re worth it, act like it! Stop telling guys that you’re ugly as a way of fishing for compliments, and please, do not be the girl who calls a guy half an hour after the date ended. Needy behavior is never cool, and can quickly scare guys away.
  7. Stand up for yourself. If a guy is being rude with you, call him out on it. Most girls won’t, believe it or not, and guys pick up on that. Men are much more impressed by a woman who speaks up for herself, and are much more impressed by a woman who doesn’t tolerate crappy behavior from them. (Granted, if he’s rude, you probably should break it off immediately anyway.)
  8. Make sure that he understands that you’ll still have a life outside of him if you get serious. Nobody likes a girl who drops everything when she’s with a guy, except for guys who are manipulative. Guys are impressed by independent women, plain and simple.
  9. Reject drama. Guys are never impressed with a drama queen, nor are they impressed with the fact that they’re dating the Queen Bee. So, do yourself a favor, and don’t let minor drama issues break a good budding relationship. Men love to see a drama-free girl.
  10. Have good posture. Good posture makes you look 10% slimmer, and also makes it seem like you’re more confident. It’s hard to say which of those things guys will appreciate more, but the better you feel in your own skin, the more into you he’ll be.
  11. Be a great kisser. Just like us girls can tell volumes about guys by how they kiss, guys tend to do the same with girls. A great kisser will make men swoon, since it’s often a good indicator of great skills in other arenas, too.
  12. Learn a joke or two, and laugh at his! Just like girls love a guy with a good sense of humor, guys love a girl who knows how to have a laugh, too. In fact, if he’s actually gone out and told you a joke, he’s probably praying to whatever deity is out there that you will somehow enjoy his jokes. Work with him, girl. He’s trying to impress you, too.
  13. Keep an eye out for small details. You might be the first girl to notice that he has a V-8 engine sound coming from his Mustang or that he’s wearing limited edition Nikes. Guys are always impressed with a girl who takes in all the little things about his personality.
  14. Ask for his help. This impresses a guy in a different way than most of the other moves on this list. Guys need to feel needed. By asking them for help with something as simple as opening up a jar or lifting something heavy, you’re giving him the ability to revel in his masculine side. It also helps you work the Benjamin Franklin effect during your date.
  15. Flirt. Guys love a bold girl who makes her intentions known. Flirt with him, and he’ll hopefully get the drift.
Ossiana Tepfenhart is a New Jersey based writer and editor with bylines in Mashed, Newsbreak, Good Men Project, YourTango, and many more. She’s also the author of a safe travel guide for LGBTQIA+ people available on Amazon.

She regularly writes on her popular Medium page and posts on TikTok and Instagram @ossianamakescontent.