How To Not Care About The Fact That You’re Still Single

Too often, people think that being in a relationship means happiness while being single means misery. That’s absolutely ridiculous, of course, but it can be hard to remember that when you’re fixating on the fact that you’re on your own. Here’s how to not care about being single anymore. After all, it’s not really a big deal, is it?

  1. DEVELOP HEALTHY HABITS. One perk of being single is that you have autonomy over your time. Going to the gym and practicing mindful eating keeps you fit as a fiddle and makes you feel good about yourself. Exercise can ramp up your feel-good hormones. When you exercise, your brain produces feel-good chemicals that keep you upbeat and content. With that kind of mood, you can maintain a positive outlook. You’ll have less anxiety and stress when all is said and done.
  2. PRACTICE SELF-LOVE AND SELF-COMPASSION. It’s easier to have a positive outlook on life if you love yourself. Your mental health and wellbeing will benefit from treating yourself with patience, kindness, and compassion. Don’t be afraid to take breaks from all the hustle and bustle and avoid burnout at all costs.
  3. Truly get to know yourself. You’d be surprised how much you don’t know about yourself and how much you can begin to know when you don’t care about being single anymore. It takes time to know yourself and it requires serious reflection. You have time on your hands now to better understand yourself and determine what works and doesn’t work for you. If you know what you want, it’s impossible to be influenced by the standards of others. Get busy aligning your actions with what you want for yourself. This puts you in a better position and prepares you for when you get into a relationship.
  4. Find ways to give back. Find ways to help others in need by volunteering your time. According to research by the London School of Economics, enriching the lives of others through volunteering produces the “happiness effect”. People were 7% more likely to say they felt very happy if they volunteered monthly, 12% if they volunteered twice monthly, and 16% if they volunteered weekly.
  5. Make new friends and strengthen existing ones. You can care more about making new friends and devoting time to them when you don’t care about being single. Let’s be honest. This is something being in a relationship won’t allow. To build a strong support system, focus on the platonic relationships that matter most to you. Talk about your life and your fears with those you care about; you’ll begin to feel more loved.
  6. Spend valuable time with your family . You can draw from the well of positivity that is your family. Spending quality time with your family provides a sense of belonging while also relieving stress. Be of support to other family members as well. Be the first to check in on your siblings or invite your parents over for dinner.
  7. Hit up a side hustle. Extra money never goes wrong. Having a side job can help you grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. If you have time outside your regular job, consider learning a skill to venture into a side hustle.  Or better still, think of something you love doing and see how you can monetize it.
  8. Get out and see the world. You can get a lot out of traveling by yourself or with a group of friends. Travel and a change of scenery invigorate the mind. Adventure takes your mind off things like, “Why am I single?” When you travel, you have the opportunity to socialize and expand your network. Traveling also provides opportunities to think seriously about important personal matters. You could even keep a memorable travel journal.
  9. Get more sleep. If you’re single, you should be sleeping well enough. According to a survey by Amerisleep, single people get the most rest at night, with an average of 7.13 hours a night. So if you’re not sleeping enough, add it to your list of goals. Thankfully,  there’s no one to keep you awake at night and rob you of sleep.
  10. Date yourself for a while. Go on a solo date. Dine alone in a luxury restaurant. Buy expensive flowers for yourself. Treat yourself to jewelry, ice cream, and love letters. Dating yourself is a way to tell yourself that you’re enough. It’s putting yourself first. The most lasting happiness comes from within. Being in a relationship with yourself and treating it as such helps you connect with your romantic side. There’s no better way to love yourself more.
  11. BE A GO GETTER. Make a list of what you want to accomplish and how you intend to get there. Don’t just put them on paper. Take all the right steps to make sure you reach your goal. You can do what you want to do if you don’t have a romantic relationship to get in the way. It’s much easier to stay laser-focused.
  12. STOP LOOKING. Sometimes you find what you’re looking for when you stop looking. Try not to be hell-bent on being in a relationship if it’s not forthcoming. Having to deal with disappointment after disappointment can set you back emotionally. Instead, invest your energy into looking within and getting comfortable in your skin.
  13. SAVOR YOUR FREEDOM. Think about the good things about being single. Being single is just as good as being with someone. Remember that not everyone who gets married is happy. No one wants to be in a bad relationship, no matter how much they want a partner. So, explore and exploit your singlehood while it lasts. You’ll look back with fond memories and miss the freedom you gave up someday. You owe yourself this.
Amaka has a BA in linguistics and works as a freelance content writer. As a result of her insatiable curiosity, she writes in a variety of B2C and B2B niches. Her favorite subject matter, however, is in the financial, medical, and technological niches. She has contributed to publications like ButtonwoodTree and FinanceBuzz in the past. Currently, she writes for Wealthofgeeks.