How to Survive Another Wedding When You’re Still Single

How to Survive Another Wedding When You’re Still Single ©iStock/Probuxtor

Spring is almost upon us, and along with warmer weather and fresh, pollen sprinkled air, comes the start of the wedding season. This more than likely means you’ll be invited to at least one, if not a half dozen weddings this year. After a while, wedding ceremonies can be agony for a single person who can’t or doesn’t want to find love.  But don’t tear up that invite just yet! Weddings don’t have to be so bad, as long as you’re prepared.

  1. Have your tantrum. I  know. Yet another person found their special somebody while you’ve been on Tinder for months and have yet to swipe right and not immediately regret it.  It’s okay to feel a little bitter, sad or hopeless. As long as it’s not on the day of the wedding or during a wedding function, you’re totally allowed to wallow in your feelings for a day or two. Once you’ve purged yourself emotionally, you’ll be less likely to dwell on it during the wedding.
  2. Be genuinely happy for the couple. When you’re invited to someone’s wedding, you’re invited to the most important day of his or her life. It’s a happy moment that THEY, the happy couple, are choosing to share with YOU.  Simply put, it’s about THEM, not you. It sounds harsh, but here’s the good news: focusing on someone else’s happiness is an instant cure to your single blues. When you push aside all your personal junk and share in the couple’s excitement and love, your sad feelings will temporarily take a back seat.
  3. Treat yourself.A wedding is a great excuse to get dressed up and treat yourself to a few things you normally wouldn’t get to do, like buying that amazing dress you’ve been eyeing with zero guilt. You’re going to a wedding! You have to look nice, right? Cut and color your hair, have a mani/pedi done and go out of your way to get gussied up to the finest, because it’s hard to be in a bad mood when you’re looking all kinds gorgeous.
  4. Enjoy the cake. So much cake! Not only are you dressed up and looking good, but you’ll also be getting cake. For free. Just remember, any day that involves putting cake in your mouth is a damn good day.
  5. DANCE WOMAN, DANCE! Dance like no one cares because really, NO ONE CARES. No one is looking at you, no one is judging you, no one cares because everyone’s focus is mainly on the bride and groom. Use this complete lack of attention to take advantage of the dance floor. Do the robot, partake in both popping AND locking, bust your favorite boy band moves with your friends and be completely unapologetic about being a dancing goof. You won’t be able to help but have a good time.
  6. Ogle hot guys in suits. I’m definitely not saying to use wedding as an opportunity to hit on guys, I’m just saying that it’s a great place for some serious eye candy because, for the most part, guys in fancy suits or tuxedos are a beautiful, albeit rare sight. So enjoy yourself!  Check out the groom’s best men and rate them according to whose broad shoulders are the yummiest.
  7. Plan something fun with friends. Put together a wine tasting trip with friends, a weekend in Las Vegas or stay in your pajamas all day and have an slumber party. Big or small, gather up some friends and start planning. It’ll give you something to look forward to so you won’t be a big bag of bummer at the wedding.
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