How To Survive Your Dating Dry Spell Like A Boss

Dating dry spells are the worst, but they inevitably happen from time to time. You get to a point where you have nothing but sex on the brain constantly, which only adds insult to injury, especially if you have no prospects in sight. All droughts end, but until yours does, here’s how to get through it

  1. Get reacquainted with your sex toys. If there’s no guy around to please you for now, why not please yourself? Invest in some new toys to keep you excited for the interim and work your magic. Sure, it’s not the same as actual sex, but it gets the job done — sometimes better than the real deal. Plus, let’s be honest — you can have more orgasms in less time.
  2. Hit up some NC-17 entertainment. You might think that watching some artsy pseudo-p*rn movie (or, you know, actual p*rn) would make you feel worse about your single status, but that’s not actually the case. Watching something scandalous will get you super turned on, which will mean those new toys come in handy.
  3. Indulge your inner gourmand. Diets are hard enough on their own, but when you’re bummed about being on your own, they’re even worse. Don’t deprive your body of everything you love and enjoy. Say yes to the chocolate cake and don’t feel bad about it. This doesn’t mean give up your healthy habits entirely, but indulge once in a while to keep your sanity. It’s not going to kill you.
  4. Get your heart rate up. Working out and getting your heart pumping releases the same endorphins as your body does when you have sex, thus resulting in that happy post-workout/post-sex glow. There’s a reason endorphins are called our “happy enzyme” — they really do put that extra pep in your step.
  5. Use your heightened flirting abilities to your advantage. Let’s be real here — being deprived of something only makes you want it that much more. You’ll notice your flirt game is pretty on point in a dry spell, so use it to your advantage to have fun conversations with guys that catch your eye. Who knows, one of them could actually change your luck.
  6. Get sexy for yourself. Just because you’re not getting laid doesn’t mean your underwear drawer has to suffer. Keep wearing those sexy little things. It’ll make you feel more confident all-around knowing that there’s a hot surprise hiding underneath. It sounds silly, but it works.
  7. Refer to your little black book. The truth is that many of us have a go-to option if we’re really in need for a night of mindless sex. If you’re really in a bind, refer to your little black book and make plans to see your friend with benefits — just make sure you’re clear on the hook-up rules beforehand. You don’t want to find yourself in a messy situation if one of you catches actual feelings.
  8. Remind yourself this is only temporary. If all of the above options don’t work to kill the gnawing sensations in the absence of real sex, try to shift your mind instead. Dry spells are only temporary and you know that eventually it’ll be over and you’ll find someone worthwhile. Here’s hoping, anyway.