How To Tell A Guy Really Likes You After A One-Night Stand, According To A Guy

Most guys are terrible at voicing their thoughts and feelings, and never more than after a one-night stand. While hooking up can be just that, there are guys who catch feelings after sleeping with you only once, and it happens more than you’d think. The trouble is you can’t always count on a guy telling you that he actually likes you if he doesn’t think the relationship will go beyond one night. However, actions do speak louder than words, so keep an eye out for these signs that he’d like to see you again (and possibly make you his girlfriend).

  1. There’s a follow-up text. Even the most polite and modern gentleman can’t be counted on to send a “thanks for last night” text. If he feels nothing for you and doesn’t expect to see you again, there’s no way he’ll send you a message. If he hopes to sleep with you again, he’ll contact you sooner or later, but a guy sends you a text within a day or two of a one-night stand that doesn’t explicitly say he wants a repeat of what you did together, there’s a good chance he actually likes you.
  2. You eat a meal together. You might wonder if it still qualifies as a one-night stand if you share a meal together afterward. I mean, that’s an intimate activity, right? It could be breakfast the next morning or even a midnight snack, but if he’s willing to eat with you, he must like you at least a little. Frankly, any activity that isn’t sex during a one-night stand could be a sign that he isn’t just in it to get laid.
  3. He follows you online. I must mention that you should never take social media too seriously. That being said, if he makes an effort to track you down online, it usually means he plans on seeing you again in some capacity. Of course, it’s possible he wants to strike up a casual, friends-with-benefits type situation. In that case, at least you’re in for a two-night stand. However, it’s also possible that he’s legitimately interested in you and wants to stay on your radar.
  4. There’s cuddling involved. Needless to say, cuddling definitely counts as an activity that could move things out of one-night stand territory. Not to sound sleazy, but no guy is going to cuddle with a woman if he never plans on seeing her again. I mean, no one is going to feel that guilty about his less than noble intentions. If he even offers to cuddle afterward, he’s seeking some kind of connection with you and probably likes you more than he’d admit.
  5. He’s nervous or clumsy. These are classic signs that a guy likes you. Unless he isn’t accustomed to one-night stands, there’s no reason for him to be nervous. The only other explanation is if he likes you and might be interested in something that lasts beyond one night. I’m not saying this is likely to happen, but a nervous clumsiness is usually a sign that a guy has feelings.
  6. There’s an honest attempt at conversation. Of course, it can be tough to avoid awkward small talk during a one-night stand, but some guys have mastered it while others may make a genuine attempt to get to know you. The latter is a sign that a guy might actually like you. If you notice he’s asking the type of personal questions that a person on a first date might ask to get to know someone, it’s possible there are feelings that will last beyond one night.
  7. He wants to spend the night. This should be a dead giveaway that a guy likes you. Did he insist on going back to his place but doesn’t try to kick you out? Did he not rush out the door of your place as soon as possible? Any hint that he’s open to spending the night and sleeping next to you is a sign of feelings. Granted, some guys do this to be polite, but if he knows it’s a one-night stand, he probably won’t bother trying to keep up appearances. He’s either super tired and just wants to sleep or he’s looking to connect with you.
  8. He tests the waters on a second date. If it has the classic signs of a one-night stand, a guy who likes you won’t come out and ask you on another date but he will try to skirt around the topic. He’ll subtly try to gauge your interest in seeing him again outside the bedroom. Of course, he’ll be careful in his approach just in case you don’t want things to go forward, but he’ll definitely test the waters.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.