How To Tell If A Guy Would Make A Good Boyfriend

He’s an awesome friend or a guy you recently met who made you feel the spark again, but would he be a good boyfriend? Here are 11 things that show you he’d be an amazing partner to have at your side if you got into an actual relationship. After all, you don’t have any more time to waste, right?

  1. He takes an interest in your friends. No, not that kind of interest! When you talk about your closest girls, he doesn’t roll his eyes and look annoyed or just write off your stories as “drama.” Kudos, dude. He actually pays attention and takes an interest in what they’re like because he likes you and he therefore wants to be supportive of who and what you like.
  2. He doesn’t cross a line. He knows what boundaries are important for you and he doesn’t try to stomp all over them. This is important because it boils down to respect, and there’s no way you can be in a healthy relationship with a guy who doesn’t respect you.
  3. He backs off when you’re doing you. When you hang out with your friends or go to a family event, he doesn’t bombard you with 10 texts in one evening. He respects that you need your own time to spend time with your loved ones and won’t act like you need to answer to him. I mean, if a guy does that when you’re just friends, imagine how controlling he’d be if you became a couple.
  4. He thinks of you. He texts you to see how you are because he remembered that you had a stressful meeting with your boss. He’s the guy who’ll save the last slice of chocolate cake for the two of you to share instead of devouring it on his own. You’re always in his thoughts and that’s really sweet.
  5. He makes you feel seen. We all want to be seen by those we love. When you walk into a room, if the guy’s eyes immediately find you and he always makes you feel that he appreciates you by spending time with you even when his friends are around, he’d be a great boyfriend because he already values you.
  6. He’s got his own life. Nothing worse than a stage-five clinger, whether friend or boyfriend. If it’s clear that this guy has his own thing going on and he can spend time with his friends or doing his own hobbies in his spare time without always wanting to hang out, that bodes well for a relationship future. It means that he won’t expect you to be there all the time.
  7. He plans ahead. Spontaneous dates can be awesome, but it’s good to be with someone who can actually plan ahead for dates. This not only shows that he sees you in his future but that he respects your time and schedule. He doesn’t think that you’ll just write everything else off to see him in 20 minutes.
  8. He can apologize. When a guy hurts your feelings, he should be man enough to tell you that he’s genuinely sorry. You don’t want to end up dating someone who never apologizes. What, does he think he’s always right and you’re always wrong or “crazy”? No thanks.
  9. He picks up the call for important chats. Everyone’s texting these days, but he knows that he should pick up the phone if he has something serious to talk to you about. This is great because you shouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t make the effort to communicate in a sensitive way. Besides, there’s nothing like hearing the other person’s voice.
  10. He was interested in you when you were just platonic. If you’re starting to see your male buddy as someone you could date, here’s a good way to test if he’s worthy of being your boyfriend: when you were purely platonic and he thought he had no chance with you, did he still show interest and care? Some guys only shower you with attention when they want to get something out of it.
  11. He’s filled you in on the past. Maybe this guy’s your friend or you’ve hung out a few times. If the subject of exes has come up already, how did he deal with it? Did he try to change the subject so he didn’t have to tackle it at all or was he open about his past, without – and here’s the catch – shaming his exes, like by calling them crazy? If he can be open with you and he’s not ashamed to extract his ex-files, that’s a good sign he’d be top-quality boyfriend material.
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