How To Tell If He’ll Be Bad In Bed Before You Sleep With Him

You haven’t taken your relationship to the next level yet, but you’re pretty sure it’s headed to the bedroom ASAP. Before you get down and dirty with the guy, you might be interested in knowing what you’re in for. If he does any of these 11 things, he might waste your time between the sheets and make you wish you’d never slept with him.

  1. He complains about previous conquests. You don’t want to get with a guy who kisses and tells, especially if he adds insult to injury to previous girlfriends by speaking badly about what they were like in bed. You could be next.
  2. He’s ungraceful in his movements. You know they say that how a guy dances says a lot about how he’d be in the sack? Well, look beyond the dance floor to see what his general movements are like. A guy who’s seriously uncoordinated, fidgety, and clumsy could bring that to the bed.
  3. He rushes through other pleasures. Does he wolf down his food instead of savoring it? Does he fast-forward through movies to get to the juicy bits? Ugh. You don’t want this kind of guy in bed because he won’t really be in the moment. Instead, he’ll be rushing through foreplay to get to the main event.
  4. He doesn’t spend time kissing you. Sexiness starts outside the bedroom, so be wary of the guy who doesn’t get intimate in other ways when you both have your clothes on. If he can’t even spend some time kissing you, what chance is there that he’s going to create fireworks with you in the sack?
  5. He’s selfish. A guy who’s selfish in the rest of his life will probably bring that attitude to the bedroom. He’s all about himself, so don’t expect him to want to please you. He’ll want to reach his orgasms and might be the guy who leaves you hanging for your own Big O.
  6. He’s a bedroom brag. He’ll find ways to mention that he’s so great in bed. Oh, whatever. That’s an immediate turn off, especially if he acts like it’s sexy. This is the kind of guy who sends you unsolicited pics of his junk and acts as though he’s doing you a favor.
  7. He does irritating things he thinks are funny. When he tickles you and you tell him it bugs you, he does it even more and also laughs at you. Irritating, huh? Well, if he loves doing this outside of the bedroom, he could bring the same childish antics into the bedroom. For instance, he might think it’s really funny to slobber all over your neck when he kisses you, even though he knows it pisses you off. SMH.
  8. He never wants to do new stuff. When you suggest going to the bowling club for laughs or to catch a rugby game, he’ll insist that he’d rather watch his dog chase its own tail all day. If he’s never keen to do anything new or exciting, that’s a hint of things to come in the bedroom –¬† he’ll always want to stick to the same old routine.
  9. He’s not open to criticism. When you tell him how it makes you feel when he loses his temper behind the wheel when you’re in the car with him or does something else annoying, he’s inflexible and sticks to his guns that he’s not doing anything wrong. Phew. Now imagine trying to have an open chat about your sexual wants and needs with this guy, especially if he’s not meeting them. Yikes. He probably won’t see your point of view or he’ll lose his shit because he thinks you’re criticizing him.
  10. He has holes in his underwear. If he can’t even make sure that his undies are in good condition when you guys undress each other, that’s a bad sign he’s not making an effort! It’s like he doesn’t care what impression he makes on you, which could result in him not really giving a damn about being romantic or satisfying you in bed.
  11. He’s always focused on sex. This guy walks around with a billboard above his head that’s lit up with the word “sex” on it. He only thinks about sex. He only talks about sex, and even when you try to steer the conversation onto other topics he’ll always bring it back to sex. Ugh. Don’t expect this guy to want to get to know you or create emotional intimacy – he’s going to be rushing you to the bedroom after half an hour of meeting you.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.