How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You Pretty Much Immediately

You’re a busy woman and your time and energy are precious. That means you don’t want to waste it on a guy who’s really not on your level and who doesn’t want the same things as you do. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, here’s how to tell what a guy wants from you pretty much immediately so you know whether to proceed or move on.

He goes out of his way to touch you when you’re together.

When you’re hanging out, does he find excuses to touch your knee or back? Is he always leaning in to get closer to you when he laughs? A guy who wants you will make it clear with his body language and by trying to stay as near to you as possible. As long as he’s not being creepy about it, this is actually a really cute (and potentially hot) way to flirt.

He always makes sure to fit you into his busy schedule.

He works long hours, plays on a baseball team for fun, and helps look after his younger siblings… but he still makes sure you have time to get together regularly because he loves seeing with you. If he didn’t care, he would just tell you he’s busy and leave it at that. Instead, this guy clearly wants a little something more if he’s making the effort to see you despite his hectic schedule.

He reaches out regularly, even when he has nothing to say.

There’s nothing worse than having to chase someone and always be the one who messages first. That doesn’t happen here. You can tell this guy wants something real with you because he’s often the one who initiates contact. Even if it’s something as simple as saying, “Hey, what’s up?” he makes his presence known and checks in on how you’re doing regularly. It’s actually kinda sweet.

He remembers the little things you tell him.

If you randomly mentioned one day that you used to love Fraggle Rock as a kid, he randomly finds you a vintage t-shirt on eBay and gifts you with it out of nowhere one day. Maybe you say how long it’s been since you’ve been out for ice cream so he plans a date when you head out for cones to eat while the sun goes down. A guy who remembers the little details is one who’s invested in you and wants you in his life, don’t you think?

He talks about wanting a relationship.

While many guys feel confident as hell expressing the fact that they’re anti-relationship and just like to “keep things chill,” it’s less likely that they’ll come out and say how much they want to be a boyfriend and have a proper relationship. That means if he does, it’s a pretty good sign that’s the case. And if he’s telling you about it, you’re likely the person he wants to have those things with.

He tells you straight up how much he likes you.

The easiest way to tell what a guy wants from you is by hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. If he tells you directly how much he likes you and getting to know you and that he’s excited to see where things go with the two of you, it’s pretty clear he’s invested.

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