How To Tell When A Guy Is Lying To You, According To A Guy

Not every guy will lie to you about big things — tiny fibs could be the worst offense he’s guilty of — but there are some who are dishonest at their core and can’t help but to deceive you at every possible turn. While it’s impossible to screen liars from the beginning, there are some warning signs that he’s being dishonest that you should look out for.

  1. He offers few details. Most guys tend to recognize that when they lie, less is more. Those that don’t know it tend to figure it out quickly. If he’s lying, he’s going to say as little as possible and try not to get bogged down with too many details. To be fair, some of this depends on his personality. If he’s quiet and reserved and usually doesn’t share a lot of details, don’t assume he’s always lying. But if a guy who’s usually verbose stops offering much, there’s probably a reason why. Odds are, he’s either lying or leaving something out.
  2. He repeats himself. A lot of guys try to be efficient with their words. They say things once and feel no need to repeat themselves. That can change when a guy is lying. If he’s trying to get you to believe a lie, he’ll keep saying it with the hope that the repetition will convince you. This type of behavior is a little out of character for most guys, which is cause to be suspicious.
  3. The story constantly changes. If he keeps telling the same story, pay close attention to see if any of the details change. The thing about lying is that it requires creativity because you’re not just recounting events that actually happened. That can make it difficult to remain consistent. Even little changes in the story can tip a guy’s hand that he’s lying.
  4. His smile looks different. I think we all know that not every smile means the same thing. If you know him well, you should know what his smile looks like when he’s genuinely happy. This smile is probably different from the smirk or nervous smile he gives to cover up the fact that he’s lying. It can be a subtle difference, but most men have a sly and sneaky smile they accidentally show when they lie.
  5. He looks for an escape. Lying is a little bit like committing a crime. Most guys know better than to hang around the scene after the act. When a guy lies, he’ll do his best to escape the situation. Sometimes this just means changing the subject, but it could also mean leaving the room after delivering his lie. Watch out for guys who are eager to get away because they may have just been dishonest.
  6. There’s a serious lack of eye contact. If you Google it, there’s some science behind this one. People who know they’re lying typically try to avoid making eye contact. Again, this can depend on the individual, but if he’s usually good about eye contact and suddenly stops, there’s usually a reason behind it.
  7. He insists he’s not lying. Much like when a guy repeats himself, uttering the phrase “I’m not lying” is usually a give away that he definitely is. It’s another sign that he’s trying a little too hard to convince you of something. It’s a classic case of trying to overcompensate.
  8. It’s your fault for not believing him. Men who are accustomed to lying are rather crafty about it. Often, they try to turn things around on you and make you the bad guy for not believing them. Keep in mind that it’s usually the cocky and confident men who try this. You know the type – he’ll try to act innocent when he’s really just doubling down on the lie in a way that people who are telling the truth usually don’t.
  9. He stops and starts a lot. As I mentioned earlier, lying requires creativity. This sometimes means that he’ll stop and start a lot when he’s telling you something that isn’t true. They hem and haw while trying to figure out what to say next. This usually isn’t a problem when you’re reciting things that are true. Granted, if he’s a well-practiced liar, he’ll be able do it without a lot of pauses or nervous stammering. But for the rest of us, pauses can be a sign that we’re not being totally honest.
  10. He ducks direct questions. If I can honest with you, I’ve done my fair share of lying in my day. The one thing I always do in those situations is duck direct questions. They’ll even try to dodge simple questions when they’re trying to get away with a lie. They’ll never be straight with you. They’ll answer a question with another question or try to rephrase your question. Trust me when I say that any difficulty answering a direct question is a sign a guy is lying to you.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.