How To Tell Your Ex is Over You for Good, According To A Guy

Often after a breakup, there’s that lingering hope of getting back together with your ex. It’s only natural to feel that way even if you know it’s not the right way to go. However, sometimes, it’s just not in the cards. The important part for you ladies is recognizing when your ex-boyfriend is over you for good. Here are some signs he’s moved on and you should follow suit.

He doesn’t flaunt his happiness on social media.

Let’s not pretend like we all haven’t done this before. You want to show your ex that you’re over him by showing how happy you are on social media when it’s really just an act. If a guy doesn’t do this, it usually means he’s over you and doesn’t care about trying to make you jealous. If it’s business as usual for him, it means you’re off his radar. The only other option is that he’s taken the high road after the breakup, which seems unlikely with most guys.

He has no reaction to you dating someone new.

If you’re not over your ex, it’s common to date someone else to get his attention. Yeah, we’re hip to your tricks, ladies. If he acknowledges you dating someone new, it could mean he’s thinking of you. Even if he just says, “I hope you’re happy,” he may not be over you. If he has no reaction whatsoever, he’s likely forgotten about your relationship.

All you get is radio silence.

You can text him, tweet him, or contact him some other way, but if he doesn’t respond, forget about him. If he doesn’t respond at all or takes forever to get back to you, he’s moved on. Trust me, he’s not playing hard to get. He simply isn’t interested in anything you have to say or getting back together.

You no longer have mutual friends.

There’s usually at least a few friends who get caught in the middle of any breakup. Once a guy has cut ties with those mutual friends, it’s a safe bet he’s moved on. It means he doesn’t want to have any connection with you or hear anything about you through the grapevine. This is a clear sign that he isn’t coming back.

He’s dating your complete opposite.

It’s common for a guy to date someone new while still trying to get over you. However, if he still has lingering feelings, he’ll usually pick someone a lot like you even if he doesn’t realize the similarities. That being said, a guy dating someone who is your complete opposite right after you is a good indication that he’s moved on. Granted, it’s possible he’s trying too hard to forget about you. Still, it’s more likely that he’s done with you and is moving forward with someone else.

He doesn’t bring up the past.

You might get excited about running into your ex and having a nice chat, but it doesn’t mean there’s hope for a reunion. You can tell because he only discusses the present and future. If he reminisces about your past together, there might be some hope. If he avoids any talk of that stuff, it means the relationship is over for good.

He’s not mad anymore.

After a breakup, at least one party is a little mad at the other. Most of us like to play the blame game and point our finger at the other person. In a way, blaming the other person is a weird form of still caring for them. But if he says there are no hard feelings, it also means there are no feelings. When a guy lets go of any anger toward you, he lets go of you.

There’s no more flirting or compliments.

Sometimes it’s hard not to flirt with your ex when you see them. Maybe you just exchange a couple of flirty texts every now and then. It’s just a bad habit that’s hard to break. But when that stops, it means the relationship is over for good. If he has no interest in flirting with you or telling you how good you look, he’s over it and you.

He moves away.

If a guy physically moves to get away from you, it’s a strong indication that he’s over you. In fairness, people move for a lot of reasons. He might be moving for unrelated reasons soon after your breakup. However, if he has lingering feelings after breaking up with you, he’s not going to be in a rush to move out of state.

He tells you to move on.

If your ex-boyfriend straight-up tells you that you need to move on, he’s not playing games. Honestly, he’d have to be a shrewd player to pull off something like that. He’s probably dropped some hints that you didn’t catch that it’s 100% over between you two. If a guy senses that you have lingering feelings, he might tell you to forget about him and move on. If that happens, he ain’t kidding, and he just wants you to understand that it’s over so you can move on too.

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