How To Text A Guy You Like To See If He Likes You Back

Texting a guy you like can be quite scary because it feels like everything about you is being evaluated and judged by the messages you send. You’re constantly worried about saying the wrong thing and putting him off. However, despite how treacherous texting your crush seems, it’s a great way to find out if the guy you like feels the same way about you.

  1. Don’t be afraid to send the first text. Rather than waiting around for him to send the first message, be the one to break the ice. Guys are intrigued by confident women who don’t shy away from showing their interest and making the first move. If he likes you back, he’ll be relieved and impressed that you took the pressure off him, and he’ll text you back excitedly.
  2. Talk about something you’ve done together. If you did something together recently, bring it up and use it as a conversation starter. It could be an experience you both witnessed, a discussion you had, or a movie you saw. Make a funny comment about it or reference the event with a playful statement. This will give you both something casual to bond over.
  3. Ask him random fun questions. Showing your silly side and a bit of spontaneity is a great way to get the attention of the guy you like. If he likes you back, his interest will be piqued and he’ll be pushed to respond to your messages. For example, you can say “So I was just randomly wondering: if you could listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?” This simple question can lead to a wonderful, eye-opening conversation.
  4. Compliment and tease him. Everyone likes to hear things that boost their ego and guys are no different. Compliment his looks, personality, work ethic, or even his ability to drink all night without getting drunk. Gently make fun of him or tease him about something that happened to him. Show him you admire and adore him, and see if he reciprocates. If he’s flirting with you too, that probably means he likes you.
  5. Slip in details about yourself to pique his interest. To see if the guy you like likes you back, you want to share some details about your life while learning about his life. If he asks questions to clarify these details and learn more about you, that’s a sign that he’s interested in you.
  6. Challenge him playfully. Guys are usually competitive and enjoy a good challenge so don’t hesitate to send him a playful request or dare. If he likes you, he’ll be eager to impress you by doing what you ask. For instance, you can joke about his cooking abilities and challenge him to a cook-off. If he plays an instrument, you can challenge him to play a song you like.
  7. Ask questions about his interests. People generally love talking about their hobbies and interests, so try to move the conversation in that direction. Ask him about that sport he follows religiously, his line of work, his favorite TV shows, or the places he’s been to. Show genuine interest in the things that make him tick and he’ll feel more connected to you.
  8. Suggest a vague outing. If you don’t want to ask him out directly, you can make a vague, open-ended plan to see if he takes the bait. You can ask him to partake in some fun activity like hiking or a group hang over the weekend. This way, he won’t think the sole purpose of the outing is to spend time with him and you won’t feel crushed if he doesn’t give a positive response.
  9. Be forward and assertive. If you think you have a connection, it’s okay to be direct in your approach rather than dancing around the subject and waiting for him to take the hint and ask you out. Just propose a date already. Put yourself out there. Clearly indicate your interest and see how he responds. A guy that likes you would be delighted by your forwardness and reciprocate with equal energy and effort.
  10. Don’t harass him with texts. Even though you want to talk to him very badly, resist the urge to overtext. Sending him long messages about trivial things or texting him over and over—especially at the beginning of the relationship—will make you come off as needy and desperate. Don’t send more than two or three texts at a time without a response.  If he likes you, he’ll text you as frequently as you text him. If you’re the one constantly reaching out, that might be a sign that he’s just not that into you.
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