How You Handle A Breakup, According To Your Zodiac Sign

From getting dumped out of nowhere to having multiple drawn-out discussions about what you want only to decide it’s not each other, no two breakups are exactly the same. Unfortunately, your zodiac sign can’t tell you how to deal with your rage over being straight ghosted by someone you were with exclusively for months, but it can help give you a little perspective.

  1. Aries As a Fire sign (and the one with the shortest temper), Aries tends to lead with anger when going through a breakup. If you got dumped, first you’ll be letting your newly minted ex know exactly what you think of them, and it won’t be pretty. After that, your friends better be prepared to come over for a night of trash talk, including claims that you’re way better off anyway. But it’s only a matter of days before you’re planning how to get your ex back… right after you delete that thinly-veiled tweet roasting them over something petty like how they can’t even keep a plant alive let alone a relationship.
  2. Taurus As someone who hates change and tends to stay in relationships much longer than they should, a Taurus doesn’t take breakups lightly. While you’ll fight hard to stop it from happening in the first place, once you’ve come to the breakup conclusion, there’s no turning back. You value loyalty above all so you’ll absolutely hold an impenetrable grudge for life against anyone you feel betrayed by. There will be no reconciling with a Taurus scorned.
  3. Gemini Of all the signs, a Gemini is one of the most likely to pull a disappearing act to avoid the confrontation of a breakup. You’re also the most indecisive, so re-appearing in an attempt to reconcile is also a possibility. If that fails, you’ll turn the whole thing into a good story to tell anyone who will listen. You’re also the social butterflies of the zodiac so you’ll waste no time before hitting up every happy hour, birthday party, and work function in order to get their mind off your ex, and hopefully meet someone new ASAP.
  4. Cancer The most sentimental sign of the zodiac, Cancers are notoriously bad at letting things go. But when you know it’s really over, you’ll be the first one to put a no-contact rule in place to protect yourself from seeing everything you ex is doing (ie. moving on without them). Sensitive Cancers need ample time to cry it out and let themselves heal so you won’t be jumping back into the dating scene for awhile. Instead, you’ll find comfort in your close friends and family, the people you know you can count on unconditionally.
  5. Leo As a dramatic attention-seeker, you’re usually the one doing the dumping. But if you find yourself on the receiving end of a breakup you didn’t see coming, your first reaction is shock that anyone could possibly lose interest in you. You take rejection hard, but more in an incredulous kind of way than a loss of confidence kind of way. The heartbroken Leo is totally willing to grieve a failed relationship publicly, so it wouldn’t a big deal for you to post an Instagram story of yourself crying. #singleagain.
  6. Virgo Sensible Virgos hate the thought of wasting time, so keeping busy after a breakup is your go-to strategy for healing a broken heart. That doesn’t mean you won’t find time to obsess over every little thing your ex said and did as they were dumping you, though. As a perfectionist, you’re somehow good at both denying there was anything wrong to begin with and also blaming yourself for failing miserably. What you need is a little time and distance to get the perspective you need to be able to move on.
  7. Libra The biggest flirt of the zodiac is all about securing a satisfactory rebound after a breakup. Libras aren’t the enjoy the single life type, which is why, even when you’re in a relationship, you probably have a couple of people in mind that you might be interested in should you find yourself single again. You also don’t like to close any doors so there’s no way you’ll be deleting your ex’s number and disappearing from their life. With your flirting skills, who knows, maybe your ex will be realizing soon enough that they made a horrible mistake. In the meantime, you’ll be living your best dating life.
  8. Scorpio Not only will you go no-contact after a breakup, but you won’t hesitate to delete every photo and trace of your ex’s existence from your life immediately. You won’t be bringing up their name every chance you get either. To you, they might as well no longer exist. At least, that’s what you’ll make everyone believe. In reality, you’re obsessing over your ex and might even create a fake Instagram account so you can keep tabs on them without them knowing. A little creepy? Well, yes, but that signature Scorpio controlling streak isn’t always rational.
  9. Sagittarius The fact that you were even in a committed relationship to begin with is a feat, Sagittarius. You love your freedom so much that sometimes a breakup is more of a relief than anything else. Now you can go back to doing whatever you want without someone keeping tabs on you! On the other hand, you’re so passionate and sure about what you want that if you’ve decided you want your ex back, you’ll stop at nothing to achieve that goal, even if your nomad mentality could mean you’re ready to move on the second they decide to let you back in.
  10. Capricorn When it comes to cutting the cord, practical Capricorns are experts. While you’ll fight for a relationship you believe in, if it becomes obvious it’s no longer working, you will be the first to accept reality and end things. You’re far too grounded to believe in anything like soul mates so to you, heartbreak is just another fact of life and you deal with it accordingly. You’ll keep busy and focus on yourself for awhile before starting the dating process again. And the cycle continues.
  11. Aquarius With a tendency to intellectualize your emotions, you aren’t the best at expressing how you really feel unless you have had a chance to fully analyze it first. After a breakup, you’ll find it helpful to do a post-mortem to figure out exactly where and how things started going wrong. You might even soothe yourself by reading scientific studies about what love really is (like, biologically) and how to best navigate a breakup. Even though you might seem aloof and detached to others, you’re dealing with your emotions the best way you know how.
  12. Pisces A Pisces going through a breakup is not a pretty sight. Since you don’t like dealing with difficult situations (or emotions) head-on, you’re likely to do anything you can think of to distract you from how you’re feeling. That could be drinking too much, eating too much, immediately jumping into bed with anyone who is willing, or let’s face it, all of the above. Boundaries aren’t your strong suit, so watch out for your tendency to fall into on-again, off-again situations because you don’t always think things through as thoroughly as you should.
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