How Your Zodiac Sign Affects The Way You Love

Everyone is different, but thanks to astrology, you can unlock a how-to guide to how you or your S.O. function in a relationship. By looking at someone’s zodiac sign, you can tell a lot about the core of their personality. Just remember that compatibility and the expression of how someone loves another person also depends on more than just a sun sign, the primary sign that people refer to when thinking of an individual person.

Does your zodiac sign really mean anything?

There are many placements in your birth chart, the guide to where and when you were born and how that affects you, that can indicate how people act. These placements are called houses. “Like a pizza with twelve slices, a birth chart is a wheel divided into twelve parts; one for each zodiac sign,” says astrologer Jessica Lanyadoo. The “Big Three” placements people often look to are your sun, moon, and rising signs. Still, the Sun signs are a great place to start for figuring out the core of how love works in the mind of one of the twelve signs.

How each zodiac sign loves differently

  1. Aries The first sign in the zodiac and known for their fire, Aries are driven and hard-working people. You’ll never have to question what Aries is thinking because they are bluntly honest and to-the-point. They’re cardinal signs, which is a fancy way of saying they love taking charge of things. They need someone who is just as motivated and ready to take a stand. Aries adore their independence (many aren’t into the whole committed relationship idea), but you’ll know Aries is in love with you when they want to include you in every aspect of their lives, including all of the impulsive, risky activities they like. Hope you like skydiving!
  2. Taurus They may be stubborn, but this zodiac sign will never let you down. They are loyal and dependable people and nourish the ones they love with all of life’s luxuries. They’ll break out the candlelit dinners and roses and sprinkle plenty of loving phrases. Taureans will expect you to appreciate their efforts, so remember to reward them for their behavior with some quality time in the bedroom.
  3. Gemini Be ready to exchange fun facts with your Gemini! This zodiac sign loves intellectual conversation with their partner. You’ll also notice when a Gemini is falling in love, they might come off as a bit clingy and possessive. Geminis will never be bored when you’re around, which is pretty significant since they don’t like to remain stagnant for too long. So if it’s been a while and they’re said those three little words, you won the prize!
  4. Cancer These sensitive crabs are naturally loving people. They are the ones to be fully committed to you and your relationship and work hard to make you happy. Cancers love spending quality time with their partner and will schedule dates and weekend getaways for the both of you.
  5. Leo Leos are bold and love to be in the spotlight. They fall in love quickly and loudly. Leos are big givers in bed, so expect to see stars and get involved in roleplay. They live for making their loved ones happy, so there’s no doubt when they express their love for you!
  6. Virgo Virgos are all about improving themselves and the people they care about. That includes you. If this zodiac sign is constantly reminding you to eat your vegetables or is giving you unsolicited advice, they’re setting you up for success in life and really care for you. They are also very chatty and comfortable with those they love, which is different from their shy, reserved nature when first warming up to people.
  7. Libra A loving Libra will express their desires and their love for you without question.  They are natural romantics and will give you their undivided attention. Libras will want to do some serious PDA, so be prepared for public make-out sessions. They’re normally pretty social, so if they prioritize alone time with you, there’s a good chance they’re in it forever.
  8. Scorpio Scorpios can be very passionate about their lover…and also very jealous. When you first meet a Scorpio, this zodiac sign can seem intense or like they’re silently judging you. But under the surface is a person waiting to find their soulmate. They are intensely loyal and expect the same from you. However, sometimes their passion can manifest as being controlling. They’ll want to know what you’re doing, where you’re going, who you’re talking to, etc. Make sure to communicate boundaries with your Scorpio, but never leave them in the dark about what you’re doing in your life.
  9. Sagittarius A Sagittarius often fears that a committed relationship will impend on their freedom. Loving you means loving to take you on adventures because you’ll be their ride-or-die. Expect to tag along on more adventurous dates like new restaurants, ax-throwing, and anything else innovative and new to keep the sense of adventure alive for this zodiac sign.
  10. Capricorn Capricorns often guard their emotions and they can be hard to read. But when they’re in love, they will surprise you with their ability to be deeply romantic with their words. Capricorns are big planners, so if they’ve been talking about their future with you, that means they see you as a long-term partner.
  11. Aquarius An Aquarius will always want to fascinate and entertain you with their fun-loving nature and natural curiosity for knowing everything there is to know. You might also wake up with breakfast in bed or a glass of water at your side to make sure you’re drinking enough water. Once you’re well-cared for, this zodiac sign might want to take you to a museum or somewhere else where they can be intellectually stimulated.
  12. Pisces Ever heard of the love language Acts of Service? This is your average Pisces. This zodiac sign will want to make your life easier for you emotionally and physically. Pisces love giving advice and being a shoulder to cry on. Just make sure you’re giving them the same amount of care; Pisces are often guilty of pouring too much from their own cup, so return the favor!
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