Things Only Immature People Still Do

Things Only Immature People Still Do

We’ve all encountered people who, despite their age, haven’t quite mastered the art of being a grown-up. Whether it’s blatant immaturity or a lack of emotional development, certain behaviors are tell-tale signs that someone isn’t as mature as they might seem. Here’s a look at a few.

1. They make everything about themselves.

Immature people have a knack for turning every conversation and every situation, back to themselves. They struggle to empathize with other people’s experiences and always find a way to recenter the spotlight. It’s as if they see the world as a stage where they’re the perpetual star of the show. As MindBodyGreen points out, this kind of conversational narcissism is alienating to everyone around the person who’s guilty of it. f

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2. They’re incapable of having a mature disagreement.

Conflict is a natural part of relationships, but mature people handle it with respect and a willingness to find solutions. Immature people resort to tantrums, name-calling, giving the silent treatment, or even outright aggression. They lack the emotional tools to navigate differences in a healthy way.

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3. They hold onto grudges for unreasonable lengths of time.

Everyone gets hurt sometimes, but the ability to forgive (or at least move on) is a sign of maturity. Immature people cling to past offenses, using them as weapons in future arguments or as excuses to justify their own bad behavior. They can’t let go, even when the other person has long since apologized or changed.

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4. They can’t genuinely apologize or admit when they’re wrong.

Taking responsibility is a cornerstone of being a grown-up. Immature people love deflecting blame onto anyone and everyone they can, make half-hearted excuses instead of sincere apologies, or try to minimize their role in causing hurt. They see admitting fault as a weakness rather than a sign of character.

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5. They lash out with personal attacks when they feel criticized.

Mature people can handle constructive criticism or differing viewpoints. Immature people take even the slightest hint of feedback as a personal affront. Instead of considering if there’s validity to the critique, they attack the person’s character, resorting to insults in an attempt to deflect and dominate.

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6. They have poor impulse control.

Whether it’s blurting out inappropriate comments, making rash decisions with no regard for consequences, or indulging in excessive spending that puts themselves at risk, immature people struggle to reign in their impulses. They act on a whim, and often have to deal with the aftermath of their lack of self-control.

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7. They can’t handle not being the center of attention.

Immature people crave validation and have a constant need to be noticed. They might dominate conversations, act overly dramatic, or become sulky and withdrawn if the spotlight isn’t squarely on them. The world revolves around their needs and wants, and they often struggle when someone else’s success takes center stage.

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8. They play emotional manipulation games.

From guilt tripping to gaslighting, immature people often utilize subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) tactics to control people. They are masters of playing the victim to get their way or making their partner, friends, or family feel responsible for their happiness. These manipulative behaviors are damaging and prevent the formation of healthy relationships.

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9. They lie or exaggerate frequently, even about trivial things.

man giving woman advice

Honesty and integrity are hallmarks of a mature person. Immature people often lie about small things to enhance their image, embellish stories for attention, or create drama. They struggle to separate fact from fiction, and this erosion of trust undermines their relationships over time.

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10. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions (or lack thereof).

Whether it’s blaming their failures on external factors or neglecting basic responsibilities around the house, immature people find endless excuses for not pulling their weight. They lack the self-awareness to recognize how their actions, or inaction, impacts themselves and everyone around them.

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11. They’re constantly gossiping and talking negatively about other people.

Immature people thrive on drama. They spread rumors without verifying facts, revel in putting people down, and create cliques based on who’s in or out of favor. These behaviors stem from insecurity and a desperate need to feel superior. They fail to see how their negativity damages reputations and breeds toxicity.

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12. They have difficulty maintaining long-term friendships or relationships.

Mature relationships require give and take, compromise, and the ability to handle conflict in healthy ways. Immature people struggle with these dynamics. Their selfishness and inability to see another’s perspective often lead to a trail of broken friendships or a string of short-lived, volatile relationships.

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13. They have a short attention span and get bored easily.

Whether it’s jumping from project to project without finishing, constantly needing new stimulation, or being unable to sit through a movie without fidgeting, immature people have trouble sustaining focus. They want instant gratification and struggle with tasks that require patience and perseverance.

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14. They overreact to minor setbacks or disappointments.

Resilience is all about the ability to bounce back from challenges, per Everyday Health. Immature people view any inconvenience as a major catastrophe. They might throw temper tantrums, pout, or withdraw when things don’t go exactly as they envisioned. It’s as if they lack the life experience and coping tools to deal with even minor frustrations.

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15. They have an unhealthy obsession with social media.

Social media can be a fun way to connect, but immature people become fixated on likes, comments, and projecting a heavily curated image of their lives. Their self-worth gets tied into virtual validation, leading to anxiety, a skewed sense of reality, and the constant need to be “always on.”

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16. They refuse to grow, learn, or change.

Personal growth is a lifelong process. Immature people, however, cling to rigid mindsets and become defensive when challenged. They see self-improvement as unnecessary and lack the introspection to recognize areas where they could become better versions of themselves. This closed-mindedness prevents them from reaching their full potential and building healthy relationships.

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