You Can Become A Human Burrito With This Giant Tortilla Blanket

Did you feel that? That cool breeze coming through your window signifying the imminent arrival of fall? It feels blissful after a boiling summer, but it also means you need to think about how you’re going to stay warm during the colder seasons. The first thing you need in your autumn/winter survival kit? This giant tortilla blanket to turn you into a human burrito.

It’s big enough for two! I mean, you’d have to smoosh really close together if you want to be a two-person burrito, but you could also just throw the tortilla over you on the couch while you’re watching Netflix and call it an evening. What better excuse to cuddle?

It’s made of super soft flannel. Flannel is THE cold weather fabric, right? Flannel PJs, flannel sheets, and flannel blankets are my go-to when the temps dip below, like, 60 degrees Fahrenheit. (What? I feel the cold easily!) If you want to stay warm, flannel is where it’s at.

Who wouldn’t want to be a burrito? I always “burrito” myself in my regular blankets when I’m cold, so doing it in an actual tortilla (well, kind of) is even better. It’s even an adorable thing to wrap your dogs in. I’m not the only one who likes to swaddle her dog and hold it like a baby, right?

The burrito blanket would make a perfect gift too. Christmas is only a couple of months away, so why not pick up one (or several) of these to give as gifts to your BFF, your cousins, your siblings, your partner, whoever you think might want one? They’re inexpensive, high quality, and really unique, which is kind of the perfect trifecta of a great gift, right? Just don’t forget to pick one up for yourself or you’ll be sorry you didn’t.

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