You And Your Dog Can Now Get Matching Hoodies To Show Just How Close You Are

My dog and I are basically attached at the hip. We go pretty much everywhere and do pretty much everything together and I like it that way. He’s my best friend and right-hand man and I’d hate to picture my life without him. It’s safe to say he’s pretty spoiled (just as he should be), but he also gives me just as much as I give him. Sometimes I just want to shout to the world how much I love this little furball, which is why getting matching human and dog hoodies seems like such a great idea to me.

  1. Etsy seller TheGoodieBagBoutique is behind this genius idea. While the idea of having matching clothes isn’t necessarily new – offerings for kids and parents are pretty plentiful, for instance – I haven’t seen much for humans and pets. Why is that? This is clearly a winning idea!
  2. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. While the base color of all the hoodies is black, you can get the text in a variety of colors – there’s a whole color chart in the Etsy shop! Not only that, but both the human and dog hoodies come in a variety of sizes too so pretty much every human and every pup can get in on the joy.
  3. The hoodies are personalized too, which is great. The “Fur Mama” and “Fur Baby” hoodies are also personalized with your name and your dog’s on the respective hoodies (you know, just in case you got confused on whose is whose).
  4. These things get glowing reviews. You only need to check the reviews on the item to see that people are loving these matching human and dog hoodies. “We get compliments when we are out and about and I have loooved it,” one dog mom wrote. Another added: “My daughter loved it. And my fur grand baby struts around following her mommy in their matching sweatshirts!!” Look, I’m convinced – I need these things ASAP!
  5. Order yours from TheGoodieBagBoutique on Etsy. You can get the hoodie for both you and your dog for under $40, which is a total steal. You can also buy the items separately elsewhere in the store, so be sure to have a look around!
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