My Husband Is An Equal Partner As A Parent & That’s How It Should Be

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that I’ve found the perfect guy for me. I knew from the moment we started dating that he was “The One.” He’s a wonderful partner and treats me better than anyone I’ve ever been with. Turns out he’s an incredible father too.

  1. He got up with me for nighttime feedings. Newborns wake up at least every three hours each night. When our son did, my husband and I both got up. Since breastfeeding didn’t work for us, our son was formula fed and we split the duties right down the middle. One of us would change him and the other would feed him. The next feeding, we switched. This allowed both of us to get the rest we needed. (Trust me, we needed it desperately.)
  2. He does his share of household choresSince our son bottle feeds, we go through a lot of bottles daily and we hand wash them to save time and water. My husband is happy to help wash the dishes. He’ll wash a few before work or wash them all each evening. Sometimes he empties and loads the dishwasher so I have room to wash the bottles. He does his part to help me and I’m so appreciative of that. He also cleans up the toys at the end of the day and he does the laundry. The burden of chores doesn’t all fall on me.
  3. He’s on top of our son’s needs. I’ll admit it: I’ve never cut my son’s fingernails or toenails. I’m terrified to do it so my husband has taken on the task. He changes diapers all the time. He gets our son ready for bed each evening. He makes sure he’s had his medicine. He knows what our son needs and he ensures he’s getting everything done. He doesn’t expect me to take care of it. He actually knows what needs to be done and will do what he can to ensure that happens.
  4. Bath time is a team effort. Have you ever tried to bathe a wet, slippery little boy? Not easy, let me tell you. We bathe our son together two to three times a week. Even with two people, it can be hard work! I can only imagine what it would be like to do it by myself and frankly, it terrifies me. That little man could slip out of my hands so fast I don’t even know what I would do.
  5. He gives me the alone time I need. I’m a stay-at-home mom who also works from home. My days can get pretty exhausting! My husband ensures that when he gets home from work, he takes over the parenting duties so I can have some time to myself. He’s always asking me if I’d like to go to the gym or out with friends. He wants to make sure I get that solo time that I need. It’s definitely important for my mental health!
  6. We communicate about our parenting decisions. Raising a child comes with lots of decisions to make. When you and your partner aren’t on the same page, it can cause tension. Well, I would assume, anyway. Luckily, my husband and I have open communication with each other and are always on the same page. We talk about what we should do and we agree on them. It’s so important to be on the same team as parents, not only for the two of you but for the baby as well.
  7. He hasn’t complained once. My husband has never once complained. He hasn’t complained about taking care of our son. He hasn’t complained if I didn’t get around to doing dishes one day. He takes it all in stride. He actually understands. He knows that this is his job as a parent and he embraces it.
  8. I realize I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve talked to enough of my friends and seen articles/memes online to know that the way my husband parents is far from the norm in our society. Parenting is a 50/50 job. It’s not up to one parent to do everything. It takes two people to create a life and it should take two people to raise a life. The “joke” that men don’t do their fair share around the house isn’t funny. At all. Parenting takes a team and each player needs to put in the effort.