10 Ways Hygge Might Be Just The Thing For Your Winter Dating Blues

If you’ve never heard of hygge, you need to know about it—this cozy Scandinavian lifestyle concept (pronounced hooguh) is starting to take over the world. In fact, it might just be revolutionizing the dating scene as well, serving as a quick fix for your winter dating blues.

  1. Staying in is the new going outHygge is such a big part of Danish culture. In essence, it’s all about prioritizing quiet, everyday moments at home. We can totally get on board with this right now—I mean, who wants to go out all the time in the winter when it’s freezing cold? If you have a partner or someone you’ve been dating recently, simply invite them around to your house instead of going out and get snuggling! That’s hygge.
  2. It saves you and your date some serious cash. Hygge is also all about opting to stay in and cook rather than always going out to eat. In addition to often being tastier, just think about the cash you’ll be saving over time if you guys keep choosing home-cooking over eating out at a restaurant. Seeing dollar signs? You’re welcome.
  3. A hyggeship is essentially a relationship for winter. Inside. Isn’t it nice to have someone to cuddle up with when it’s chilly AF outside? When you’re single for a long period of time, you tend to miss having that physical affection (but not the work that’s involved when you have a relationship). Hello, hyggeship: a relationship for a brief amount of time during cold weather, right when you really want one. #Winning
  4. You can focus on just one person. Apparently if you decide to be in a “hyggeship,” you’re agreeing to comfortably settle down for winter with just one person. That means no dating apps, no outdoor dates, no hectic dating schedule—just you and a lucky guy of your choosing to spend your time indoors with. How much more convenient is that as a temporary solution to dating? After all, no one wants to experience dating burnout.
  5. Life is so much simpler with hygge. Only having one person to focus on and removing having to constantly make dating arrangements out of the equation makes life a hell of a lot easier. All you have to decide is who is going around to the other’s house and when. Boom. Done.
  6. It’s about finding joy in the little thingsCups of steaming hot chocolate, cuddling on the couch in comfy pajamas, enjoying good takeout food, hanging out by the fire or lighting some candles, Netflix and chilling—doesn’t that sound nice? Well, hygge is an advocate for it all because sometimes it’s all about the little things in life. We’re sold.
  7. It means a season of sex on tap. I mean, there are only so many things you can do around the house, right? This means there are more opportunities to get down and dirty in comfort of your own home, fluffy socks optional.
  8. It encourages you to put technology to one side. So long, Tinder. See ya, Twitter. Buh-bye, Gmail inbox and 5495 emails from your boss even when you’re not at work. Hygge is all about embracing simple practices and putting your phone down for once in your life to remove complicated distractions. And, because you’re in a hyggeship, you don’t need to bother with all those dating apps and messages to other guys. Hurrah. It’s true that technology fuzzes the brain, so it’s nice to take a break from all of that and just focus on simple living.
  9. Who can resist having a snuggle buddy in the cold weather? After all, humans are meant to huddle up when we’re cold to retain body heat. It’s survival 101. The great thing about hygge is that you have someone to cuddle up with like a penguin in winter, all without long-term attachments. As long as you’re upfront about your intentions when it comes to your hyggeship, simply snuggle away stress-free.
  10. It’s all about the #GoodVibes. Forget the doom and gloom of the winter months, hygge and hyggeship promote ultimate positivity. They’re all about the good feelings, contentedness and well-being—and who can say no to that? Sign us up, pronto.
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at https://trendytourist.co.uk.