I Call The Shots In My Relationship & It Works

In most areas of my life, I like to be the one in charge. This includes my career, social life, and especially my romantic relationship. Thankfully, my boyfriend also likes me making all the decisions, so our relationship works out perfectly!

  1. We both make the money but I pay the bills. Our money goes into a joint account that I use to pay all the bills out of. Then I make our monthly budget up. When he wants something, he usually asks me if he can spend the money on it and I either tell him yes or let him know we need to save for it. When we started dating, he admitted that he’s terrible with money, so he loves that I help him save up for things. I’ve gotten a lot of his bills paid off and he’s definitely grateful.
  2. I initiate sex more often. I’m usually the one to initiate sex, even though he never turns me down. He’s always up for a little time alone with me but I’m more likely to actually start taking my clothes off first. He likes it this way because even though we’ve been together for a while, he’s still a bit shy.
  3. I usually dictate the chores. My boyfriend will do almost any chore I ask him to do immediately. On cleaning day, I make up a list of all the chores that need to be completed and then assign about half of them to him. He checks them right off the list! Sometimes I find myself wishing that he would take more initiative, like making a list up himself, but then I remember how amazing it is to have a guy that will do anything I ask. Also, if he started doing it himself, he would probably do it wrong, let’s be honest.
  4. I’m in charge of our schedule. I plan out all the menus, the weekly schedules, and our activities. I decide which days we cook at home and which days we’re going out to eat. I know when we need to stop at the store or the pharmacy, and I make all the doctors and vet appointments for our pets. I just tell him where to be and when, and honestly, he likes it like that. He has a hard time making and keeping track of a schedule, so he likes that I just update him daily on where he needs to be and he doesn’t need to spend more time thinking about it.
  5. I plan our vacations. I just don’t trust anyone else to do this. If there’s something he wants to do or somewhere he wants to go, I’m sure to include it, but I’m too anxious to trust anyone else to plan our itinerary or book our flights. I need to make sure there aren’t too many layovers, we’re getting a good price, and our hotel has good reviews. My boyfriend has never minded this since he isn’t a planner like I am.
  6. I always pick the movie. OK, this one is just because I’m selfish and I want to watch what I want to watch. My boyfriend is so agreeable that he’ll almost always let me pick. He’s also very open-minded and likes so many topics that he usually ends up liking my choice anyway.
  7. I stay in contact with his family more than he does. He definitely prefers it this way. He doesn’t have to call his mom every week because he knows I’ve already talked to her. He also doesn’t have to text his nosy sister as much. I’m more of an extrovert than he is, so I’m fine with their constant need for communication.
  8. I plan out our holidays. He finds it stressful to coordinate between our two families, make a schedule, and shop for everyone. I enjoy doing things like this so this really works out for us.
  9. There is one thing I don’t do. I don’t decide when our relationship moves forward. I’ve never pressured him for exclusivity and I never pushed for more. I want him to make those decisions and ask me to move forward in our relationship simply because he wants to. He asked me out on a date. Then he asked me to be his girlfriend. He told me he loved me first. I like it to be that way because I don’t want to have any guesswork when it comes to our relationship. If I ask for something, I’ll never know if he did something because he truly wanted it or because he knew I wanted it. This is the one area that I won’t plan out for him.
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