I Like You A Lot: How To Show A Guy How You Feel About Him

Actions speak louder than words, and sometimes, words just don’t cut it. If you want to show a guy or girl that you really like them, but can’t or won’t tell them, there are a few things you can do to subtly (or not subtly) put that message out there. Keep reading to find out how to show him how you feel!

Ask him real questions.

Asking someone questions is one of the most obvious signs that you are interested in them. It shows that you like listening to them talk and want to learn more about them. When having a conversation with the guy you like, don’t just ask generic questions. Ask real questions that let him open up about the topic. Whether he’s talking about his day, work, his family, or something else, keep the conversation going by encouraging him to talk more. This will indicate that you enjoy having conversations with him and care what he has to say.

Actually listen to him when he talks.

This sounds like a given. But a lot of people are thinking about a million other things during a conversation, and only respond generically. Rather than just brushing off what he says, actually listen. He’ll know you’re listening by your responses, the questions you ask in return, and even by the eye contact and facial expressions you make. Again, this shows that you actually care about what he’s saying.

Be there for him when he needs a shoulder.

We all need a shoulder to cry on every now and then. By being there for someone to lean on, you’re basically showing them that they’re important to you. It’s rare to find someone who will actually be there for you. So if you’re that person for him, he should have a good idea about where he stands with you.

Interact with him on social media.

Social media is now relevant in most areas of life, from friendship to business to relationships. You can show a guy you like him by interacting with him on social media. Support any posts he publishes. Like his photos. Comment on his photos. Send him memes and reels and messages. Most people are on social media for a good portion of the day, so this is a good way to show him that you’re thinking about him.

Share things with him.

A lot of us share our biggest news—whether it’s good or bad—with the people who are the most important to us. So don’t be afraid to share things with him. Let him know when something good happens. And tell him when something crappy is going on. He will get the feeling that you trust him and are thinking of him.

Enquire about his love life.

Love Panky suggests inquiring about his love life to let him know that you like him. This is a subtle yet effective move because it shows your interest without necessarily requiring you to admit it. You could just be asking if he’s single out of curiosity. But when combined with the other tips on this list, he should get the idea that you like him more than a friend.

Compliment him.

We all like to be complimented (even if we hate responding to compliments!). There’s no better way to make someone feel good, and show that you like them,  by saying nice things about them to their face. Find something about him you genuinely like and comment on it! If you don’t actually believe in what you’re saying, you could come across as phony.

Laugh at his jokes.

Whether or not his jokes are funny, laugh at them. If the joke actually isn’t funny, it still works in your favor to laugh. He might know it wasn’t funny, but gather that you’re laughing to make him feel good because you care about his feelings.

Do something thoughtful for him.

Doing something thoughtful, unexpected, and out of the ordinary is a pretty clear way to show someone you have feelings for them. There are lots of options, from buying him a gift that made you think of him to baking him something delicious. If he’s a co-worker, you could even bring his favorite coffee to the office!

Text him for no reason.

A text just to say hello can be a powerful thing. It basically says, “I don’t have anything to say, but I still want to talk to you.” That’s a clear indication that you like him. Just a simple, “Hi, how’s it going?” can let him know that you’re interested in talking to him. And texts like that can often lead to the most interesting conversations!

Flirt with him.

Unsurprisingly, flirting with someone is one of the best ways to show them that you like them. This makes it clear that you like them as more than a friend. And while flirting can make you feel awkward, sometimes you have to take that step to get the message across that you have serious feelings for this guy.

Encourage him.

Whether it’s being a sounding board when he becomes frustrated with a project or encouraging him as he pursues a goal he’s had for a long time, you can show a guy that you like him a lot (and possibly even love him!) by being there as his biggest support and cheerleader. This will show him that you truly care about him and want the best for him, which is really sweet.

Bring him coffee.

If he’s not into coffee, that’s fine — give him something you know he likes. Maybe you grab him a few slices of pizza from his favorite place or bring him a protein shake after he goes to the gym or something. Remembering little things you know he enjoys and grabbing them for him every once in a while will go a long way towards showing him how you feel about him.

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