I Quit My Job To Sell Feet Pics Online And I Have No Regrets

When I tell people that I make enough money selling feet pics online that I was able to quit my job, they think I’m joking. It seems anecdotal, something you’d read about online that isn’t realistic. And while I wouldn’t say that this “career” is common or as successful for everyone as it has been, I can say I’m making bank doing it and planning on riding the wave while it lasts. Here’s how I got into selling pics of my feet and what doing it full-time is like.

My ex was really into my feet

  1. My ex was obsessed with my feet. While he didn’t introduce himself as a foot fetishist when we met, he loved incorporating my feet into sex. He would praise my feet, suck my toes, and rub them all along his body, which seemed to bring him immense pleasure. I’m not here for kink-shaming so while I didn’t really get it and found it mildly amusing, I went with it because it made him happy.
  2. I didn’t realize how popular foot fetishes are. Foot fetishes were always sort of a fringe thing people talked about that I’d never experienced myself. However, once I started dating my ex-boyfriend, I realized just how popular it is. One study discovered that when it comes to fetishes focused on the human body, podophilia makes up 50% of people’s preferences. In other words, it’s pretty common.
  3. I got no gratification from his kink, but I did benefit from it. While it did nothing for me, my ex’s love of feet did benefit me in many ways. Because he loved praising my feet and keeping pics of them in his phone to get off to when I wasn’t around him, he spoiled them. He paid for regular pedicures, bought me tons of amazing nail polish shades, and got me lovely little anklets to wear too. It was actually a pretty sweet deal.

I got into selling feet pics innocently enough

  1. I never considered selling my feet pics. After I broke up with my boyfriend, I didn’t really think much about my feet. I went down to only getting the occasional pedicure and basically went back to life as normal. It never occurred to me that I could turn my ex’s love of my tootsies into a full-time business. It literally never crossed my mind.
  2. A guy on Instagram approached me randomly. One day I was at the beach with a friend and I put up a sand selfie that showed my painted toenails. I was shocked when someone who didn’t even follow me began leaving comments on the photo saying how beautiful my feet were. He even DMed me privately and offered to pay if I could send him more photos like that. I’d taken a few others that day so I was game in theory, but I definitely thought it was a scam.
  3. I sold my first feet pics for $100. Turns out, the guy on Instagram was totally serious. He Cash Apped me $50 to show me he was legit and then sent another $50 when I emailed him the photos. I couldn’t believe it was that simple and wasn’t a scam. The guy asked if I had ever sold photos like this before and told me I should get into the foot fetish community online because I could make a ton of money. Out of curiosity, I had a look.
  4. From there, things took off. When I was bored one night, I decided to make an anonymous Instagram account where I could upload a few pics of my feet to see what happened. I found some relevant hashtags and posted them but I didn’t expect much. My first few pics did get some attention, but hot much. However, the guy who paid me for the initial pics promoted my account to others in the community and suddenly, I had people wanting to send me money for more photos.

I make enough money that I don’t need to work full-time

  1. It’s not an easy job — it does take work and dedication. I don’t just take a random photo of my feet and hit “post.” Much like when I was with my ex, I have to put in the time and effort not just to make sure my feet look well-cared for and attractive but to make engaging content. It’s a very competitive and saturated field, which means setting yourself apart with unique content is important if you want to continue being successful.
  2. I provide custom content to some of my more dedicated customers. I have a few “customers” who will pay me extra money for specifically-staged photos. Maybe they want to see a particular color of nail polish on my toes, or they want me to take photos of my bare feet in snow or on the kitchen counter. That’ll cost them. I even do videos of myself wiggling my toes or making them dance to songs. Sounds weird, but people request it.
  3. I don’t just sell pics — my socks are a hot commodity too. I even have customers who will pay me $150 a pop for a pair of my used socks. Generally speaking, I have to wear the same pair for two to three days before sealing them in a bag and sending them off. I also take pics of my feet in the socks so the buyer knows they’re legit. Last month alone, I sold 27 pairs.
  4. Selling feet pics is a pretty lucrative career. While I haven’t counted my income down to the cent, I would estimate that I make about $6,000 a month on foot-related content. There are people who make way more than me, of course. I’m definitely not the most successful. However, it’s plenty of money for me and has allowed me to do this full-time. Even better, I can remain totally anonymous. I never show my face (or any explicit body parts) in my content, either.
  5. I don’t want to do this forever but it works for now. I’m aware that this isn’t going to be my job for life. I don’t want it to be. However, at the moment it allows me a lot of freedom and a great income. I’ll keep riding the wave until it’s over.
Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill