I Rejected A Guy And Now He’s My Best Friend’s Boyfriend – Awkward

My BFF said she was dying for me to meet her hot, charming new boyfriend and I was excited – she was single for so long and she totally deserved to be happy in love. Unfortunately, I felt like I was in some silly rom-com when we actually met face-to-face. Turns out, I’d rejected the guy previously. Oops?

  1. We met on a dating app. I recognized him immediately. He swiped right on me and we hit it off, even planning a real-life date. Even though it was years ago, he looked pretty much the same. I could see in his eyes that he recognized me too. Talk about awkward! 
  2. We actually went on a date. The date had happened years ago and I just never felt a romantic connection with him. Yes, he was textbook gorgeous and everyone went nuts for him, but he just wasn’t my type. I rejected him afterward, telling him that while I had fun, we were better off as friends. He disagreed and we never stayed in touch. It was better to make a clean break.
  3. Now, he was my best friend’s boyfriend. My romantic history with this guy was replaying itself on a loop in my head as I stood there and she was introducing us. It was so weird. Would my friend be freaked out about the fact that I dated this guy, however briefly? It’s not like we even kissed, but still. He was interested in me and we went on a date. How was I going to tell her?
  4. We were both honest right away. I was relieved when he interrupted my friend and admitted with a laugh that we actually knew each other already. He then proceeded to say that we’d met on a dating app and had gone on one date together, but that it had been years ago and it wasn’t a good fit. She seemed cool with it, thank goodness. I hoped we could forget about that awkward situation and have a fun night together.
  5. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t let it go. During dinner, he did the unthinkable. He started talking about our first date to my BFF. While I sat there anxiously sipping wine, he told her that we had fun but that I had been stuck-up. Wait, what? He even had the nerve to tell my best friend that I was the one to reject him, as though that was somehow blasphemous! Who did this guy think he was? Clearly he was so used to women tripping over him that he couldn’t seem to handle the fact that one of them had rejected his romantic advances.
  6. I defended myself. I calmly explained to my friend and her annoying boyfriend that we just didn’t have chemistry. It was as simple as that. I added that the date happened a long time ago as a hint to tell the guy to get over it already and focus on his gorgeous girlfriend who happened to be one of my dearest friends! I thought it was done and dusted then.
  7. Then we all went out again. A week later, it was my boyfriend’s birthday and like hell was I going to miss it because of her creepy new guy, but this time I invited a guy along with me, a guy I was only friends with. Halfway into the night, when my date went to the bathroom, my BFF’s boyfriend asked me, “Are you going to reject that poor guy the way you always reject guys? Does he not make the cut for you too?” My best friend and I were totally shocked that he was being so rude. Was he really bringing up the fact that I’d rejected him AGAIN? This guy was freaking nuts! 
  8. He broke up with her a few weeks later. My BFF didn’t invite me out with her and her guy again and I was relieved. I really didn’t like him and hated that he made the night so uncomfortable for all of us. Still, I was quite shocked to hear that he’d dumped her. Then I felt guilty. I never dreamed that I had had something to do with the breakup, but as my friend explained to me, “He just couldn’t seem to let go of the fact that you’d rejected him.” Apparently, the guy was always bringing up the fact to her. He’d find ways to throw it into their private conversations. I hated that this was happening to her. I wished that I’d never met and dated that guy so that they could’ve had a fresh start without all that ridiculous baggage he was carrying around.
  9. It was all about his ego. I knew that the guy wasn’t really into me, he just couldn’t deal with someone hurting him. He was all about his own ego, and it was sickening. At least my friend now knew what type of guy she’d been dealing with. Better to leave such losers behind instead of love them!
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.