I Swore Off Dating To Build A Solo Life I Love And I’ve Never Been Happier

For many people, the thought of being alone is dreadful. I used to be like that, but since I decided to postpone dating and build a life I love all on my own, I’ve never been happier! No, I’m not a cat lady or a loser living out of her mom’s basement. I’m just someone who has fallen in love with myself and has newfound independence. If you’ve been struck out one too many times in the dating scene, here are some benefits of going solo for a while (or forever).

  1. You get time to meditate. Meditation is seriously underrated. No, really. You don’t have to be Buddhist or into yoga to do it. You just need a quiet space and time to yourself. Since I’ve been solo, I’ve had a lot of time to just clear my head and work through all my thoughts. This has helped me to improve my mental health and I find that I can handle stressful situations much better. I’ve been way more patient and I find that my stress exits my body with every breath that I take.
  2. You have time to discover yourself. In a relationship, it’s really easy to get wrapped up in your partner’s world and lose a little of yourself, especially if you get serious a bit too early. This affects your journey of self-discovery and you might struggle with identity issues later on in life. Going single means the focus is all on you and you can discover more about what it means to be you. Ultimately, once you meet the real you, you’ll be much happier than before.
  3. You get to spend more time with friends and family. Entering a serious relationship lessens the time you get to spend with friends and family. Sometimes you’ll be with his loved ones, other times you’ll need couple’s time, and whatever remains is your personal ‘me’ time. Being single means you have more free time to spend however you choose, and this can mean more adventures with friends and making more memories with family members. What’s better than spending time with the people who you love and who have always been there for you?
  4. You get to meet new people. When you’re solo, you can meet new people without having to worry about your partner getting jealous of the another sex or the person being too flirty. You can go to all sorts of places and meet other singles who just want to have a good time without all the seriousness of a relationship. No strings attached will become your new mantra.
  5. You don’t have to share anything. Even if you aren’t married, what’s yours is sorta theirs too. So if you get yourself an extra value meal, you can count on missing more than a few fries. If you live together, you have to share the bed, the bathroom, all the food, and the TV. But, when you’re single, it’s all yours! There’s no lending and sharing and you can have all that you paid for without guilt-tripping.
  6. You don’t have to deal with drama. Couples are going to argue or disagree at some point or the other, but when you’re single, you don’t have to worry about the relationship drama at all. Who is going to nag you about leaving the toilet seat up? Who is going to complain about your short skirts? That’s right! No one. When you’re single, you can choose to put up with the drama or block it out. Less stress, less mess.
  7. You can sleep in peace. No matter how much you love your partner, snoring is a pain in the ass. If that’s not the affliction, how about a sleep talker/walker, sweater, kicker, or blanket hogger? It can make sleeping really difficult or uncomfortable and while your partner has a restful night, you wake up with bags under your eyes. Not cool. When you’re single, it’s just you, yourself, and you! Nothing to worry about except which side you’ll sleep on tonight unless you prefer sleeping in the middle.
  8. You get to save money. Relationships come with a price tag whether you want to admit it or not. Sure it might save on expenses like rent and bills, but what about those fancy dinner dates and gifts to keep things interesting? Being single means that money is in your pocket and you can use it to spoil yourself or save it for future use.
  9. It’s either your way or the highway. What’s the key to a successful relationship? Yup, compromise. The thing about compromise is, both parties don’t get entirely what they want, they get in between so no one loses entirely. When you’re single, you can toss that out the window.  Why compromise when you can self-indulge? When you’re single you don’t have to make certain sacrifices anymore and it really will be your way or the highway unless you decide otherwise. You’re the boss.
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