Ice Cream Tulips Are The Most Edible Looking Flower You’ll Ever See

I think all flowers and plants are beautiful in their own way, but I do have a weird obsession with seeking out the most unique, special ones out there, and there are so many!. For instance, I had no idea that ice cream tulips* were a thing but now that I know they exist, I’m absolutely obsessed with them. I mean, look at them! They almost look edible (but sorry, they’re not).

It’s basically a happy accident. Ice cream tulips happen when you mix a double white tulip with a double red. I don’t know much about botany and horticulture, but whoever came up with this is a hero in my book. While the pink and green form the outer petals (the “cone,” so to speak), the inner petals (the “ice cream”) are pure white. They’re incredible!

As they bloom, the petals expand. The white inner petals sort of explode, forming big, fluffy centers that are super pillowy and tall — up to 4 inches for the flower and 16″ for the plant as a whole. If you want to grow some of your own, you’ll need to make sure they get lots of sunlight for maximum beauty.

Ice cream tulips are spring blooms. Like regular tulips, these bloom in the spring (April and May), so they’re around for a limited time. The bulbs are pretty hardy so you can grow your own in a greenhouse, a cut flower garden, on a patio, or anywhere else that has access to lots of light.

As delicious as ice cream tulips look, please don’t eat these. While there are definitely flowers out there that are edible, these aren’t one of them. People who have eaten them have ended up with rashes, numbness, and other severe allergic reactions, so you’ll want to admire their beauty externally only.

Want to grow your own? Here’s how. Amazon sells ice cream tulip bulbs* rather than seeds that can be planted in your own back yard for about $20. If you’ve ever wanted to develop your green thumb, now’s the time!

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