I’d Rather Be Alone Than Waste My Time

Sure, I want to meet a great guy and build a life together, but I’m not willing to deal with a bunch of BS from guys who don’t want the same thing. When I go on a date, it’s because I’m legitimately looking for a connection and the possibility of building a relationship, not just because I’m bored and have nothing better to do. After all, I’d rather be alone than waste my time.

I’m not dating for fun. At a certain point, you stop dating just because you’re single and you start only going on dates that are legitimately worth it. I’ve done the rat race before and am exhausted as hell from the endless dead ends I’ve experienced. Life is just fine as it is, and the right guy will need to be amazing for me to decide to invest my heart into something again.

My time is valuable. Single women who don’t care if they’re single are bossing their lives without having a guy in the picture so why would we waste our precious time on someone who’s just decent, at best? I don’t need anyone to continue my journey, so until someone really piques my interest, I’ll continue to spend my time furthering and focusing on myself.

I’m an expert at knowing if it’s worth it early on. I have plenty of experience under my belt and I know what to look for in a potential partner early on. If he has a vicious dog and I have a cat, or if he’s planning on moving to Australia and I dream of moving to New York, I realize the clash and wish him well on his way. I’m not about to sacrifice my own hopes and dreams just for the sake of not being alone, and I’m certainly not about to try to change someone, either.

I know how to spot an loser. My player radar is on point, and I dismiss the unworthy early on. I know not to let the same kind of flame burn me twice.

I trust my gut. I know not to fool myself when something doesn’t feel right with a new guy. I’ve learned plenty of times that those instincts I’ve felt before meant something bad was about to go down, and it did every time. If something is sketchy, I fade it out quickly because I shouldn’t be anxious if he’s truly the right guy.

Relationships don’t equal happiness. I’ve seen other couples who are absolutely miserable in their relationships and I’ll be damned if we end up in the same situation. I know relationships aren’t always going to be perfect, but so many couples stay together because they just can’t stand the thought of being alone again. Luckily for me, I’m perfectly content (not to mention good at) rolling solo.

He needs to fit into my life, too. I don’t need a guy in my life for the sake of having a relationship — he needs to be someone who fits with who I am, too. I’ve lasted this long on my own — I don’t need to fill the vacancy just because there is one. My life is complete right now and the right guy will be the perfect addition to what I’ve already got going on.

I don’t give a damn if I’m single. When I’m doing amazing things on my own as it is, I don’t have time to give a damn. I’m not that desperate and I’m happy to live my life by myself until someone really great comes along.

The right one shouldn’t be forced. I don’t need to force myself to constantly navigate dating apps, or schedule man hunting hours every week just to end my forever alone life. I want something that falls into place naturally and because it was the right person at the right time.

I’m happy just as I am. Single women who don’t date every guy that crosses their path are ones who are finely tuned into what they want in a partner. Spending time on those who don’t possess the essential qualities I’m looking isn’t an option. I’m truly happy being single, and I’d rather be alone than waste my time on all the wrong guys.

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