I’d Rather Come Across Bitchy Than Fake

I know I’m not the only woman who’s been called a bitch for no reason, and it’s annoying AF. And if I do come across that way because I’m assertive and don’t put up with BS, so what? Isn’t it better to be yourself and be labeled a bitch than to act fake and disingenuous just to ward off the negativity?

  1. Sugarcoating emotions is a waste of energy. Sure, I could politely smile and nod when something rubs me completely wrong or someone says something downright rude, but where would that get me? I know shrugging off rudeness only invites more rudeness, so I’m going to speak up and tell you straight up how I feel. It’s better that I’m bitchy once and let you know what bothers me than to save face and end up seriously exploding after.
  2. Sometimes, being bitchy is totally justified. I’m not actually a bitch all the time — it’s only when something seriously annoys me that I’ve gotta set people straight. Instead of assuming who I am at face value, try asking me what’s on my mind — you might be surprised at how completely justified my emotional reactions actually are.
  3. I’m not a bitch — I’m just being myself. Women let their emotions out differently. Some are able to shrug things off easily, and some can smile and laugh off just about anything; but that’s not true of everyone. Some of us have the resting face of an angel, and some of us have resting bitch face. It is what it is.
  4. I can’t always be a ball of sunshine. Sometimes, I’d just love to be able to react like some of my friends, who roll out of crappy situations completely unscathed, but it’s not always possible. In fact, trying to could only come across scarier because my forced fake-ness would probably come across a little bit sadistic. Trust me, you’d rather a few moments of bitchiness over a prolonged silent kill vibe.
  5. I’m sorry that my authenticity offends you. But really, I’m not actually that sorry at all. Everyone is just way too offended these days. I’m not trying to be rude or to deliberately hurt anyone, and if I do at any point, it’s likely I’ll apologize and actually mean it, because it’s never my intention. I do, however, have a right to be who I am, and the people who understand it’s just a personality trait are the ones who see the softest sides of us routinely.
  6. Acting fake doesn’t do anyone any good. Let’s be real here — when you’re a grown ass woman, you know that it’s better to be yourself than to be someone you’re not. Women who constantly get the bitch label aren’t even bitches at all. I’m just not the type of woman who reacts with perfectly poised responses all the time — I’m human. It would be nice not to be constantly labelled a bitch as a means to deflect the real issue, which is that you don’t agree with me.
  7. I have a soft spot, you just didn’t hit it. You might think I’m a complete bitch, but I have a serious soft heart deep down. If you didn’t hit the right buttons, you can’t complain about being taken to the wrong level.
  8. I really don’t care what you think. In the end, having a hard head and coming across bitchy is something I’ve come to accept, and I don’t really give a hell if people hate me for being myself. I’m going to stay real and keep doing me. I know being labelled a bitch by others isn’t what defines me — it’s who we are completely the defines me. I might be a little bitchy at times, but at least I’m not fake.