I’d Rather Be Rejected Than Strung Along

I used to think that being rejected was the worst thing in the world… until I braved the single life in this dark and twisted modern dating culture. I’ve been in so many almost-relationships that I’ve completely lost count and I just don’t get how things have become so warped and difficult. I mean, why bother dating me if you’re not ready for a real relationship and are only looking for something low effort and casual? Spare me the BS — I’d rather be rejected entirely than strung along.

  1. I’m sick of wasting my time. I can’t even express how annoying and frustrating it is to be putting my time and energy into guys who aren’t at all serious about dating me long-term. I’m not a time filler. I’m not a stopover on the way to finding your happiness. I’m a human being just like you. I deserve the respect of being let down so I can move on with my life and further towards what I’m looking for. Why is that so hard to grasp?
  2. If we don’t have the same relationship goals, you shouldn’t be perusing me any further. I get it. Sometimes I’m going to come across guys who don’t want what I want out of love and dating, and that’s totally okay — but tell me. I’m boldly honest about what I’m searching for, so if you’re not on the same page, just leave me the hell alone.
  3. Being rejected gives me the harsh closure I need and deserve. The way technology has evolved some guys into inconsiderate communication zombies isn’t an excuse. I don’t care if some other girl didn’t mind the demotion from potential girlfriend to late night convenience. I don’t care if someone else was into the whole no strings attached dynamic or acting like you’re in a relationship without the commitment. It isn’t how I roll and I’m not about to start. All I’m asking for is simple closure. Tell me this thing is going nowhere so I can go somewhere else without you. It might be hard to spit out, but you’re supposed to be an adult, so grow up and act like it.
  4. I appreciate the honesty more than living a lie. Why is it that so many guys assume that all women turn insane when they’re facing rejection? For me, the thing that pisses me off more than anything is a guy who either wastes my time or doesn’t have the decency to end things properly — that’s the key to unlocking my crazy. I’m not a child, I’m a grown woman, so give me the truth instead of pretending to make me happy when you’re incapable of seeing it through.
  5. My feelings aren’t that delicate — you’re just a coward. I’m not some delicate little flower princess who needs sugar-coated platitudes to soften the blow of reality. I can take it. If you don’t want me, you want someone else, you’re not ready for commitment, or whatever the reason, just rip the band-aid off quickly and be done with it. Stop pretending that you’re doing me a favor when the reality is that you’re just too much of a coward to do the right thing.
  6. No, ghosting isn’t a mature form of rejection. Whoever started the movement of ghosting should be punched in the throat. I know a lot of guys use this method as the fire escape for almost relationships, but in case you haven’t heard, no woman enjoys being led on and left this way and vice versa. Frankly, if your only method of rejecting someone is clear cutting the communication lines, you’re not mature enough to be dating at all.
  7. I’d rather be dumped than played for a fool. I can handle being broken up with because a simple broken heart can be repaired, but a blurred and grey area of the unknown and living in a state of unnecessary confusion is infinitely worse. As much as it might be easier to waste more of my time by demonstrating how little you care about me, a slow torture is a cruel way to go. Please, just spare me the frustration.
  8. Leading me to believe in something more is selfish AF. Maybe you’re thinking of downgrading me to a booty call. Perhaps you’re keeping me in a sea of options before you hand out your final rose but the difference between you as a bachelor and a reality TV show is that I deserve the courtesy of knowing if I’m a contestant or if I’m only filling a casual void in your life. Don’t dress up this relationship (or whatever this is) in soft candlelight and long-stemmed roses if all I am to you is the dating equivalent of a happy hour. Seriously.
  9. I don’t want anyone who isn’t crazy about me. At the end of the day, I deserve to find who’s crazy about me and being in my life — every minute of it. If you’re not actually emotionally invested, why bother wasting my time? I didn’t sign up to be strung along or to be temporarily excited about someone who isn’t permanently going to stick around.
  10. I deserve to be available for someone who actually cares the same way. If you’re not the guy who wants to wake up to my smile, my amazing qualities and the infinite amount of love I have to give every single day, then leave me be for someone who will. If you know deep down you’re not the guy for me, reject me. Tell me straight up so that I’m free to move on. As much as I might have liked you and as high as my hopes may have been, I would way rather be rejected than strung along.