I’d Rather Be Smart Than Sexy Any Day Of The Week—Luckily, I’m Both

A sexy face is lovely, but it’s not enough. I’d take my sexy brain any day. Ironically, though, my high level of intelligence boosts my hotness like crazy. I don’t have to have one without the other. At their best, intelligence and attractiveness come coupled. I’m interesting and sexy BECAUSE I’m smart. I get to be the best of both worlds.

  1. My intelligence is a huge turn-on. It’s my favorite to see the eyes of a man widen when I finish his sentence on a topic he thought I knew nothing about. I then get the head nod of recognition that he’s impressed. Sure, my looks captivate men and all, but spitting my smarts is when I really grab their attention. I watch them bite their lip as their attraction to me grows after they’ve seen my brain revealed.
  2. I’ll stimulate more organs than just their sex. A girl who’s talented at pleasing someone in the sack is great and all, but I can do that while also stimulating their mind. The brain is just as important (well, really it’s more important) than any other part of someone. The fact that I can hold my own when discussing a heated topic gets someone even hotter than what I can do with my tongue.
  3. I’m fun for a night—and a lifetime. Take a girl home who’s only hot and you may have fun for a night. That’s cool if you’re solely looking for one night of physical connection, but with my brain, I can offer fun for a lifetime. Along with that first fun night comes some seriously stimulating pillow talk that leaves people wanting more. After all, there’s only so much entertainment that can be had from a purely physical attraction.
  4. Boredom will never be in the cards. As the dictionary said, sexy includes the word “exciting.” Having someone around exclusively because they’re hot is only going to be so thrilling. It’ll get to a point where someone will want more. Since I offer the stimulation of my always-turning mind, there won’t be a dull moment. My intelligent mind also makes for a fabulous sense of humor, often leaving my partner hurled over in laughter. What’s better than laughter and attraction?
  5. I’m book-smart, street-smart, and emotionally intelligent. As I’ve been alluding to, being attracted to someone is about so much more than a physical body. It’s about the person who can be found in the mind of that body. My intelligence extends beyond just book-smarts. I can also share in nuanced conversations about feelings. Emotional intelligence is important to me, as are street-smarts. I mean, a girl who knows how to act in a variety of situations can be quite the turn-on.
  6. I’m an equal—never a doormat. Whether I’m dating a man, woman, or any other gender, there’s no hierarchy. I’ll never be someone that a date can walk all over. Really, everyone should be equals in all relationships, but that’s not always how it pans out. In mine, however, I’m sure to keep an even playing field. The right person who’s worth my time finds this sexy af. They want a woman who can and does hold her own.
  7. I can (and will) go head-to-head in banter all day long. A pretty face may be nice arm candy, but what about when a heated debate starts at a party? It’s far sexier to have someone who can level with everyone around them. Not only can I contribute to a conversation on a hot-button issue, but I have plenty say and won’t fear to say it. It’s super sexy to see someone engage in intelligent head-to-head banter.
  8. I have a life of my own—a pretty kick*ss one. Intelligence drives a life worth living. With all that’s regularly going on in my brain, I need to have a life that’s full of stimulating activities, people, and tasks. When dating someone, I’m never clingy because I have stuff to do. This is often wildly attractive to people because although I’m fully present when I’m with a lover, I go and live my life when I’m not with them.
  9. I’ll challenge the crap out of you.I don’t know about you, but I’m turned off when I’m on a date with someone and they’re completely passive. I say something they disagree with and they’re just quiet about it. You don’t have to worry about this with me—that’ll almost never happen. I call people out if they’ve said something I disagree with or something that’s offended me. I’m not afraid to push back on the person I’m with.
  10. Ultimately, I will make you a better person. What’s more attractive than becoming an improved human? My smarts push me and those around me to be constantly growing. I’m never satisfied with stagnation and I’ll encourage you to be the same. After all, attraction, stimulation, and chemistry are about so much more than the color of someone’s hair or their weight. It’s about what’s within and my insides are out to help make your insides better.
  11. I care about my looks, they just aren’t the only thing to me. After all this about how sexy the inside of my mind is, I have to also say that my outsides alone are pretty damn fine, too. Just as I nurture my mind to be bright and provocative, I also take the time to care for my physical appearance. I love to dress up my lovely body and layer makeup on my beautiful face. My outside skin is the mask for that sexy mind of mine.
Ginelle has been writing professionally for more than six years and has a bachelor’s degree in digital marketing & design. Her writing has appeared on Birdie, Thought Catalog, Tiny Buddha and more. You can follow her on Instagram @ginelletesta, via her Facebook page, or through her website at ginelletesta.com.