Ideal Date Ideas Based On Your Partner’s Zodiac Sign

Whether or not you believe in astrology, pretty much everyone can admit that it’s fun to think about. Sure, our lives and our personalities may not be entirely determined by how the planets aligned when we were born, but there is something to it if you ask me. If you’re looking for date ideas with that guy you just matched with on your dating app or the girl you met on the train last week, here are some ideas based on their zodiac sign.

  1. Aries: Paintball or Laser Tag Aries are fearless, high-energy people who like to take the lead. Doing something active and playful will keep a smile on their face for sure. Of course, you should probably make sure they’re into what you’re planning if it’s anything too extreme, but given Aries’ spontaneous nature, chances are they’ll probably be up for it even if it’s something they’ve never tried before.
  2. Taurus: Cook Dinner Together After A Hike There are three things a Taurus loves: sleep, food, and nature. Combine all three by going on a hike before heading home to make a yummy dinner together. Your Taurus will probably enjoy a good nap with you after your meal too, though that’s probably a bit too intimate for a first date.
  3. Gemini: A Party, Group Date, or Other Social Activity Geminis are social, flexible, and adaptable. They’ll be happy with anything you do as long as it involves the chance to exercise their social skills. This sign needs constant stimulation, and they’ll appreciate being able to show off how they can get along with just about anyone. They love a juicy conversation too, so if any gossip is involved, it’s a plus for a Gemini.
  4. Cancer: Take A Pottery Class  Cancers love projects, so being able to take a class with you will definitely be exciting for them. They also tend to be hopeless romantics as well, and a ceramics wheel will definitely give them some classic Ghost vibes. If pottery isn’t your vibe either, a cooking class or any other learning opportunity will likely go over well.
  5. Leo: Let Them Plan the Date Leos will want to take charge of the date, so don’t have too much planned out without them. If you are put in charge of choosing the activity, pick something that will place them at the center of attention like karaoke or a contest of some kind. Also, make sure you don’t go too far off the map by picking something you’re not sure they’d enjoy.
  6. Virgo: Take A Guided Tour Virgos may seem reserved but still waters certainly run deep. They want to be out, but your date night needs to be well-planned and put together in order to meet a Virgo’s standards. A guided tour based on their personal interests (think brewery, historical, museums, or haunted tours) is a perfect date that will go over well. Virgos can be homebodies too, so by the end of the night, they’ll want to drink a nightcap at home with you while you watch movies or slow dance in your kitchen.
  7. Libra: Couple’s Massage After a long day of people-pleasing, a Libra will enjoy activities that are relaxing and undemanding. Getting a massage together is a perfect way to woo your Libra partner, but if that seems too intense for a first date, maybe enjoying a latte at a chill coffee spot or a relaxed dinner will be a good bet.
  8. Scorpio: Go-Karting Scorpios are one of the most competitive of the Zodiac signs, so they’ll need a date that plays into that. Go-karting will excite your Scorpio love interest, but you may need to let them win a time or two if you expect to get lucky or want to go home in a good mood after your date.
  9. Sagittarius: Go to An Amusement Park Sags have boundless energy and crave activities that are new, exciting, and keep them moving. Rides and roller coasters will provide the perfect amount of adrenaline needed to thrill your Sagittarius and keep them exhilarated. Bonus points if it’s a park that they’ve never visited before.
  10. Capricorn: Trivia Night Caps are know-it-alls and rampantly intelligent to boot, so taking yours to trivia night is a perfect way to let them show off their wits.
  11. Aquarius: Go Thrifting Aquarians hate going places where they’re expected to act a certain way or live up to a certain standard. Thrifting is a perfect casual shopping date that will tap into your Aquarian lover’s nerdy, quirky, and unconventional side. You can also visit other independent spots that are off the beaten track to indulge their artsy nature.
  12. Pisces: Star-Gazing Pisces are suckers for intimacy and romance. A Pisces will melt over the most cliche romantic gestures, and gazing the stars is the perfect, simple, gushy date idea that’ll make your Pisces partner swoon.
I am a 29 year old writer from Milwaukee, WI. Currently living a life of freedom in Tucson, AZ. Virgo, wine-drinker, lover of bad dancing. Insanity and getting into trouble are my fortes. Writing is my medium.