If Someone Uses These 17 Phrases, They Probably Take Themselves Too Seriously

If Someone Uses These 17 Phrases, They Probably Take Themselves Too Seriously

While it’s important to know when to buckle down and get serious, it’s also important not to get so caught up in being rigid and straight-laced that you lose the ability to chill out and go with the flow sometimes. Sadly, someone who says these things often clearly takes themselves too seriously and needs to get a grip.

1. “I don’t have time for this.”

Saying something like this often suggests that the person feels their time is more important than everyone else’s. They’re impatient, inflexible, and probably pretty dismissive and impatient, to boot. Everyone has stuff to do, after all. They’re not special!

2. “That’s not how it’s done.”

Saying this shows resistance to change and an insistence on sticking to the same ol’, same ‘ol, which can suggest a rigid mindset. It may hold people back when it comes to innovation and discourage them from bringing new ideas to the table. Sure, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and all that, but you shouldn’t be so close-minded that you reject the idea of anything more efficient.

3. “I don’t make mistakes.”

Someone who takes themselves too seriously is probably so caught up in their perfectionism that they refuse to even entertain the idea that they might make a misstep. Unfortunately for them, we’re all human, so messing up is pretty much inevitable at some point. The sooner they realize this, the better for them — and everyone around them.

4. “I don’t need your help.”

A person who constantly asserts their independence in this way might be trying to maintain an image of superiority or infallibility. However, this can prevent them from building strong, cooperative relationships with other people. It’s great to be able to do things for yourself, but no man (or woman!) is an island.

5. “I knew that already.”

This phrase can suggest a lack of openness to learning new things, as it implies that the speaker already knows everything there is to know. This is a terrible attitude to have and makes the person saying it come off as a bit of an insufferable know-it-all. Even if they did know what’s being talked about, they could just be quiet and listen anyway.

6. “I’m not interested in your opinion.”

This dismissive phrase shows a lack of respect for other people’s perspectives, which points to an inflated sense of self-importance. It can also stifle open communication and lead to a breakdown in relationships. Why on earth would you say this other than to be rude?

7. “Do you know who I am?”

This is LOL-worthy, it’s really that bad — and yes, people do actually say this. Using their status or reputation to assert power or demand special treatment is a clear sign someone takes themselves too seriously. It can create a sense of inequality and discomfort in social or professional settings, not to mention make people really dislike the person saying it.

8. “This is beneath me.”

First of all, nothing is beneath anyone. Even a CEO should feel comfortable performing the tasks of the lowest-paid member of staff. All work important and valuable, and no one is too good to do anything. If someone claims they’re “above” certain things, they take themselves way too seriously.

9. “I never lose.”

This one points to a person who can’t accept failure or loss, which makes it clear that they have a too high opinion of themselves. Everyone loses sometimes despite their best efforts — that’s just life. Sometimes things aren’t going to go your way.

10. “I don’t have anything to learn from you.”

This phrase shows a disregard for other people’s knowledge and experiences, and anyone who says this is way too self-involved. This dismissive attitude can isolate them from valuable insights and shared learning experiences. How up your own backside do you have to be to think this is true?

11. “I’m always right.”

This is akin to “I never lose” in its delusional nature. This statement suggests an unwillingness to consider other perspectives or entertain the possibility of not getting it wrong sometimes. Not only is this completely unrealistic, but it’s also really insufferable for the people they say this too.

12. “I don’t play games.”

While this phrase might sound serious and focused, it could also suggest that the person lacks a sense of humor or the ability to relax and enjoy lighter moments. No one’s going to come out and say they love to play games — we’re all adults here. Feeling the need to announce it points to someone who takes themselves far too seriously.

13. “I don’t have time for fun.”

We’re all busy — work gets hectic, family and kids take precedence, general adulting responsibilities take a lot of time — and sure, that doesn’t leave a lot of hours to do stuff you enjoy. However, when someone takes themselves too seriously, they tend to wear this lifestyle like a badge of honor. Find a work-life balance, buddy!

14. “I don’t associate with those people.”

This phrase can indicate a sense of elitism or superiority. It suggests that the speaker believes they’re better than certain people or groups, which is a major red flag. No one is better than anyone else.

15. “I don’t accept anything less than perfection.”

Saying stuff like this suggests that the person has unrealistically high expectations for themselves and other people. It can create a pressure-cooker environment, especially since in 99.9% of situations, perfection doesn’t exist and therefore isn’t exactly possible.

17. “I don’t need to explain myself.”

I mean, okay, but sometimes you do need to explain yourself in life. If your words or actions hurt or upset someone else or seem to come out of left field, you may need to elaborate a bit further to clarify what you meant. Someone who refuses to do this isn’t just stubborn, they’re downright rude.

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