If You Experienced These 10 Things In Your Relationship, Be Happy It’s Over

You can romanticize your last relationship all you want, but the truth is, you weren’t mean to be. You weren’t nice to each other and if we’re being honest, neither of you really loved the other. Stop pretending like your ex was “The One” and move on, especially if you experienced these 10 things in your relationship.

  1. They Forced Their Wants On You. Regardless if you were in the mood or not, they pressured you into sex. They always wanted it and they always pushed you out of your comfort zone, and not in a good way. You were never comfortable with them, just the opposite. You flinched every time they made a move and whenever they brought up sex, you quickly changed the subject. That’s a pretty clear sign something was seriously wrong.
  2. They Didn’t Appreciate You. You did a lot for them and he never once said thank you. Even when you bought them food and picked them up from the airport (on several occasions), you never felt appreciated. The truth is, they didn’t value your time as much as theirs. They didn’t see it as a big deal when you went out of your way for them. You were under-appreciated in that relationship, and you should be happy that’s no longer the case.
  3. You Had To Work For Their Attention. You had to constantly fight for their attention. You spent hours dressing up for them and you flirted with all their friends just to see if they would notice. But no matter what you did, you never had their attention for too long. There was always someone else they wanted to see or somewhere else they wanted to go. You should never have to work for your significant other’s attention.
  4. You Never Thought It Would Last. You knew early on that your relationship wouldn’t last because there were a ton of red flags. Even when you were happy, you weren’t all that happy. Something about them always felt…well, sub-par. They never made you belly laugh or smile so hard your cheeks hurt. And even though you’re sad it’s over, you know they weren’t the love of your life. You should be happy you’re no longer with the wrong person.
  5. You Always Felt Drained. A healthy relationship gives you energy and makes you feel good. That’s not how your relationship was, was it? You felt drained and exhausted pretty much every day. That’s because your relationship wasn’t fun — it was work. You put in 110% while they sat back and reaped all the benefits. They didn’t care about the relationship. If they did, they would have actually tried.
  6. Your Friends Hated them. Not only was the communication between you two messy, but so was the way you talked about each other when you were apart. Your friends knew everything, and that’s because you shared everything (and probably made it seem like they were the worst person on the planet). I’m not saying you shouldn’t have confided in your besties, but the fact that your friends hated him proves the relationship didn’t need to last.
  7. They always Lied. They lied about everything, even small things that didn’t matter. That’s because they didn’t really trust you, which isn’t your fault. But because they couldn’t trust you, you couldn’t trust them, and that’s the reason (one of the reasons) why the relationship didn’t last. You never felt safe and most of your time was spent trying to figure them out.
  8. You Didn’t Respect Each Other. Your relationship got to a point where neither of you cared what the other said. They didn’t listen when you complained and neither did you. The respect you both had for each other went out the window and it was replaced with resentment. Your relationship was becoming toxic and, honestly, it’s good you left when you did.
  9. You Always Felt Insecure. If your partner made you feel insecure, be happy it’s over. A good significant other helps you overcome insecurities by making you feel secure. They don’t flirt with other women or judge your appearance. They do what he needs to help you feel confident in yourself and the relationship. Your ex didn’t think twice about your insecurities. They were too busy focusing on himself and his needs.
  10. You Both Focused On The Negative. The key to a successful relationship is to always focus on the positive. That doesn’t mean you should pretend everything is good when it’s not, but you shouldn’t narrow in on the flaws. But you did, right? You both did. Instead of speaking love to each other, you spoke hate. Your relationship needed to end, so you could both move on.
Jordan White is a writer based in Scottsdale, Arizona with more than 8 years of experience. She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in Rhetoric and Creative Writing in 2015 and while there, she wrote for The Daily Wildcat. She has since written for sites including FanBread, and, of course, Bolde. You can find about more her on Facebook. She has a passion for giving her audience something to laugh about and despises the heat more than anything.