IHOP Is Bringing Back All You Can Eat Pancakes—Here’s How To Get Them

IHOP Is Bringing Back All You Can Eat Pancakes—Here’s How To Get Them IHOP

When it comes to breakfast foods, pancakes are probably the best. Whether you’re topping them with maple syrup, fruit compote, nutella and bananas, or anything else, they’re just delicious. IHOP makes some pretty fluffy, tasty ones, and now they’re offering their all you can eat pancake deal for a limited time, so I know where I’m going tomorrow morning.

  1. They’re available through March 1. That means you have a little less than two months to get to IHOP as many times as possible to eat as many pancakes as your heart desires (that is about 500 for me, but you may be different).
  2. How does it work? You can’t just go in and play one price for a ton of pancakes. Instead, you’ll need to order any Breakfast Combo and you’ll be brought all the pancakes you’d like, two at a time on a plate on the side. Unfortunately, that means you’ll have to keep asking every time you want more, but that’s a minor inconvenience at best!
  3. There’s a bit of extra good news too. This isn’t the first time IHOP has offered all you can eat pancakes. However, it is the first time the offer has been available with the 2x2x2 combo, which comes with two eggs, two pieces of bacon, and two pork sausage links for $4.99. All of that PLUS unlimited pancakes for just under $5? That’s a bargain.
  4. The offer is only on the weekdays. You can only get the all you can eat pancake deal at IHOP Monday to Friday — it’s not available on weekends, which makes sense given how busy things get on the weekend and this offer will largely be to drum up business during quieter times. Still, that’s plenty of time to get your fill of pancakes! Oh, and one other limitation: you can’t combine it with kids meals or omelets.
  5. National Pancake Day is off-limits. In case you were unaware, February 25 is National Pancake Day, so the all you can eat pancake offer is suspended. That being said, it’s still worth visiting that day since you’ll be able to get a free stack of buttermilk pancakes when dining in, so it’s not a total loss.
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