I’ll Admit It—I Find Guys With Dad Bods Hot

I used to drool over the guy with the Baywatch bod. Things have changed, though. Now that I work at a gym and practically live around buff boys, I’m over the Scott Eastwood look. I’ll take the guy with the belly any day. Here’s why I’m attracted to the dad bod:

  1. He isn’t so full of himself. The dad bod dude is comfortable in his own skin but he doesn’t flex every time he walks past a mirror or strut around in a bro tank. This guy doesn’t get his confidence from women gawking after him or random guys asking what protein he uses. Instead, he finds his confidence from the way he treats others and how hard he works (which means he’s probably a decent human being).
  2. His six-pack abs aren’t the ultimate priority. Some meatheads spend four hours in the gym. Did you catch that? FOUR. HOURS. Maybe the dad bod man spends more of his time hunting with his buddies or taking his mom shopping. Either way, his priorities are invested in spending time with people rather than maxing out his ab workout. That’s good boyfriend material right there.
  3. Besides, nasty veins and too-hard tummies aren’t attractive. I’m not saying that ripped guys aren’t handsome, but big, nasty veins are just disgusting to me. And there’s nothing quite like wanting a soft, warm embrace when you feel like you just hugged an arctic rock. No one wants to cuddle with an igloo of a boyfriend-even if that boyfriend has rock hard abs.
  4. You can find him enjoying other hobbies. I’m making a blanketed statement here, but you can bet that the dad bod guy’s more well-rounded with hobbies. Instead of weightlifting he probably enjoys woodworking. Instead of dead lifting, he might enjoy dancing. I’d choose a guy who can DIY a coffee table for me or spin me on the dance floor over a gym rat any day.
  5. His hobbies can be just as pro-active. So maybe this guy doesn’t bench press 450 pounds and maybe he can’t run a mile in under five minutes, but since when are these the qualities for a decent future spouse? He can be just as active picking up a game of flag football with his family or taking his girlfriend hiking. You don’t have to live in a gym to be healthy husband material. DUH.
  6. You don’t feel so obligated to look flawless. Let’s get real here, if your man looks like Hercules, you feel obligated to look like Wonder Woman. That sucks because no woman wants that kind of pressure. Sure, you should go for jogs or take up an active hobby like swimming or horseback riding, but you aren’t stressed out about the reality that you have no idea what a leg curl machine is.
  7. You can eat that piece of cheesecake guilt-free. Gym junkies are typically protein power rangers. So instead of having a nice bowl of pasta at Olive Garden, your dinner dates look more like raw chicken and kale. Ewww. But when you’re dating the man with a dad bod, both of you can enjoy a splurge night. You can go for that piece of cheesecake. (You can even ask for seconds.)
  8. Taking pictures doesn’t cause a crying spell. Snapping pictures of a special occasion is always a great idea. That’s how we remember the important stuff. But you don’t wanna remember the time you felt like a beached whale standing next to your Vin Diesel-looking boyfriend. If you’re dating a man who isn’t only five percent body fat, you won’t have to force a candid smile. You’ll smile a little brighter when you feel more comfortable in your own skin.
  9. He won’t die when he’s actually a Dad and can’t keep up his physique. When this man has a baby, diapers take priority over dumbbells. He won’t complain about waking up to feed the baby because he won’t be busting down the gym doors at five a.m. You won’t have to worry about him panicking because he has to stay home with the baby rather than go to the gym. He’ll actually be a father, not just a sperm donor whose life revolves around nothing more than his hot bod.
  10. He’ll show his child how to do more than throw around weights. Your child has a chance to enjoy creative, outdoor activities that don’t involve sweaty mats and barbells. HOORAY! The dad bod dad will take his son fishing or catch fireflies with his daughter. His definition of “bonding” with your children won’t revolve around a dark, dingy gym.
  11. This man will always be hot in your eyes because you didn’t fall for the shallow stuff. You won’t realize, “Oh, crap… I’m not married to the same jacked man I was 20 years ago.” If you liked him for the dad bod at twenty, you’ll like him for that same dad bod at forty. It won’t be necessary to stare down the GQ magazines at the grocery store to get your eye candy fix. In fact, you’ll be just as turned on by your dad bod babe as you were day one.
Peyton Garland is a boy mama and Tennessee farmer who loves sharing her heart on OCD, postpartum life, and hope in the messy places.