I’m Busy AF, But I’ll Still Make Time For The Right Guy

I’m Busy AF, But I’ll Still Make Time For The Right Guy ©iStock/Jacob Ammentorp Ltd

I lead a full life and I prefer it that way but it does make finding time for dating that much more difficult. I’ve met guys who are intimidated by how much I have going on but the truth is that I’ll make it work with a guy who really seems amazing. I might be busy as hell, but I’ll always make time for the right guy.

  1. If the connection is there, my attention will follow. If I’m interested, I’m interested all the way — there’s no in between. If I feel a connection that’s worth pursuing further, I’ll make my time a priority. You don’t find love by waiting for it to just come to you — you have to work a little at it to be taken to amazing places.
  2. Adjusting my schedule becomes worth it. I have no problem with adjusting my schedule for a guy who treats me right. If a guy I’m into wants to make time for me in his life, why wouldn’t I want to make time for him too? When I’m spending time with someone I enjoy and who makes me smile, it’s worth juggling the extra hours.
  3. He becomes the happy break in my days. When you live a busy life, the person you’re dating becomes that happy break to look forward to. It’s not just about the hustle and bustle, going from one task to the next — there’s a blank space of potential that’s waiting to unfold — and that’s exciting.
  4. He’s worth the bit of sacrifice. The right guy will be worth any extra late nights, reorganizing of my time, and sometimes skipping out on certain tasks completely. I don’t need to give up my entire life, but I definitely have some wiggle room where I’d love to add someone who brings some more light to my life.
  5. We make time for the things and people we want. There’s no such thing as “not having the time.” If you’re into someone, you make time. It’s as simple as that. When a guy makes me feel amazing inside and out, there’s no way I’m going to miss out on spending as much time with him as I can.
  6. Life is too short to not live it fully. I don’t want to wake up one day and regret not taking more chances when it comes to love. I’ve spent a solid amount of time working on myself and will continue to do so with or without someone by my side. If the right guy finally shows up, adding him into my life will come naturally. He might not get five nights a week right from the start, but as long as he’s trying, I’ll be trying too.
  7. Any love is risk. It used to be hard for me to picture having time for anyone other than my friends and family in my hectic life, and the fear of giving up my “me time” for someone who might not work out is scary as hell — but it’s a reality of any love. If I want love in my life, I’ll need to make time for the great opportunities that come my way. After all, when he’s the right guy, the risk becomes completely worth it but I’ll need to gamble in order to find out.
  8. There’s always time as long as you’re breathing. A lot of people live under the illusion that they need to get crap done first, and that love comes later but that’s not the case at all. Sometimes love comes at mostly the most inconvenient and chaotic times, and that’s why they say it happens when you least expect it. I might be busy crushing some goals, but that doesn’t mean I need to put off or delay having love in my life. The right guy won’t be phased by my busyness — he’ll be happy to spend whatever time with me he can and vice versa.
  9. Relationships are about making effort. All relationships require sacrifice and effort if it’s ever going to work. You can’t expect love to ceremoniously unfold without any real effort made from both sides. If the right person finally lands in your lap, you’ll find whatever time you can to develop that relationship further, and so will he. No matter how busy I am, or how few hours I have left in your days, for the right guy — I’ll make the time.