I’m Fat, But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Gorgeous

I’m Fat, But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Gorgeous ©iStock//ChristopherBernard

There’s not just one limited view of beauty, despite what most of us have been led to believe. Lately I’ve started to sneak out of the body closet and admit things I’m supposed to be ashamed of, like that the size of my body doesn’t have to stop me from doing anything, like being active or wearing bikinis. In fact, I actually really freaking love being fat — here’s why:

  1. I’m beautiful. I really am. And not just in a “you have such a pretty face” way. I’m made up of all kinds of interesting shapes and I really like them. I didn’t always like them, but that was when I was listening to what I thought I believed instead of what I actually do. I’m beautiful. You are, too. Don’t ever let anyone tell you anything different.
  2. I can do almost anything. I hike, climb (very small) mountains, go to the beach, dance, etc. People like to think fat folks just sit around, but we’re out there doing it all. There are some things I can’t do, though. I can’t sing and I can’t play the piano to save my life, but those things have nothing to do with my size.
  3. I’m soft and warm. Much softer and warmer then when I was smaller. I’m comforting to lay on. Nurturing to be held by. Warm to snuggle against. I feel like love. My partner seems to enjoy this too and has no complaints, so it’s all good.
  4. There’s more of me to love. That sounds like the cheesiest line ever, but it’s true. I’m great, and not  just a little bit great — a big, fat rainbow full of great.
  5. Did I mention I’m beautiful? I have wide, plentiful hips and booty for days. I have tiny boobs and wild, purple hair. Jiggle thighs and flappy arms. I love them all. My body carries me around every single day — how can I not love it?
  6. I have lots of awesome sex. I’m 260 lbs and I’ve spent my entire adult life somewhere between 230 and 310. There has never been a single time in my life when I couldn’t find people to date me, love me and have sex with me. Fat people are not unable to get laid. Not at all.
  7. I’m loved. See above. My size has nothing to do with my worth.
  8. I’m woke as hell. Being fat all my life meant getting bullied, being judged and dealing with all the day-to-day struggles fat people endure in a world that isn’t always kind to us. I get it. It’s helped make me a kind and understanding person.
  9. I’m beautiful. Does it make you uncomfortable that I keep saying it? Fat people are beautiful. We’re allowed to know it, to admit it, to talk about it and to live it. There’s no numerical cutoff point for beauty. I get to decide what I think is or is not beautiful, and I think I’m beautiful.
  10. I am so much more than just fat. I’m proud of being fat. It’s part of my identity, for sure. But I’m so much more. I can’t be defined by size. You can’t look at me and think you know me. I’m capable and strong and smart and funny and kind. Not in spite of being fat, either.


Teresa Newsome writes because she can't be a unicorn. She's the creator of the nail art blog Hello Glitter and the personal essay blog Lessons from Emotional Kindergarten. She's obsessed with mermaids, glitter, self-esteem, sassy feminists, lesbians (esp. her wife), nail art, sweet dance moves, snacks, fanny packs, and Amy Poehler. Most of her best friends are other people's dogs.