“I’m Fine” & 10 Other Things Guys Want Us To Stop Saying

There are certain phrases we love to use, but men hate to hear. The one that they complain about the most is when we say we’re “fine.” When they hear that word, they immediately start to panic, because they assume it’s code for being pissed. We can’t blame them, because they’re usually right. Of course, there are plenty of other phrases that men want us to stop saying.

  1. “You wouldn’t understand.” Your partner wants to be there for you. If he asks you what’s bothering you, but you tell him that he wouldn’t understand, he’s going to be upset that you won’t open up to him. Besides, how would you know what he can and can’t understand? He might surprise you.
  2. “Leave me alone.” Don’t use this phrase, unless you’re actually being serious. Otherwise, he’ll respect your wishes by keeping his distance, and then you’ll be angry at him for doing exactly what you asked him to do. If you want to talk, then don’t claim that you need alone time.
  3. “I’m too tired.” You don’t have to be in the mood for sex 24 hours a day. However, men hate hearing the same excuses over and over again. If you aren’t in the mood for sex, just say so. You don’t have to lie about being tired when you know you’re going to stay up for another three hours watching Netflix.
  4. “Do you think she’s pretty?” Even though your boyfriend loves you, it doesn’t mean he’s going to stop finding other women attractive. Making him look you in the eyes and tell you how pretty another girl is will be awkward and painful for the both of you, so why even ask the question?
  5. “Do what you want.” This phrase never actually means what it sounds like. When you tell him to do what he wants, it really means that you want him to do what you want, but you aren’t going to force him to listen to you. Even though he’s free to do as he wishes, if he makes the wrong choice, you’re going to be pissed.
  6. “My ex never did that.” Your boyfriend doesn’t want to hear about your ex, even if you’re insulting the guy. That means he definitely doesn’t want to hear about how much better your ex was at cooking or cleaning or having sex. If your ex was actually a better partner than your current boyfriend is, then why aren’t you still with him?
  7. “You’re like a brother to me.” Don’t assume that your closest guy friend views you as a sister. His life’s goal might be to bang you, so don’t tell him that you think of him as family. It’ll crush his ego, so find another way to put him in the friend zone.
  8. “Does this make me look fat?” You don’t need a second opinion on every outfit you buy. You can figure out whether or not you like a dress by looking in the mirror. If you ask your man if you look bad, and you actually do, he’ll either have to lie or act like an honest jackass.
  9. “I love your pouch.” We all love men with a little bit of flab on their stomachs, because it makes them comfortable to sleep on. Of course, you should avoid mentioning how much you love your man’s chubby stomach. Even though you’re trying to compliment him, he’s still going to be insulted.
  10. “We need to talk.” Everyone knows what this means, so you might as well be blunt and say the words, “I think we should break up.” If that’s not actually what you need to talk about, then avoid this phrase, because it’ll trick your man into thinking that he’s about to get dumped.
Holly Riordan is a writer from Long Island, New York who has authored several science fiction and horror books. A graduate of Stony Brook University, she has spent nearly a decade writing for publications including Thought Catalog, Huffington Post, Teen Vogue, and more. You can find her on Instagram @hollyrio and Twitter @hollyyrio.