If I’m Giving You My Loyalty, I Deserve Yours In Return

I always put my best foot forward when I start dating someone, but I’m done with being loyal AF to guys who string me along and keep their options wide open while I’m making a genuine and fair effort to see what this could be. If you aren’t on the same page as I am, you need to get out of my life ASAP. I’m dating to find love that could last a lifetime and if I offer you my loyalty, I deserve yours in return.

  1. You have to give loyalty to get it back. You might not realize this, but if things are going well after several dates, we should be okay with committing to only dating each other. Since when did running around with multiple people create a recipe for a great love story? If you want the reward of a loyal partner, you need to offer the same loyalty in return, end of story.
  2. Being loyal from the start is necessary for trust. If trust is ever going to exist between us, I need to know that I’m the only one you’ve got eyes on. I don’t need another jerk who keeps his options open when exploring the potential between us. I’m not trying to rack up a score card, and you shouldn’t be either — we’re adults.
  3. I’m loyal because I’m looking for something real. I give my loyalty not only because it’s the right thing to do and basic human decency, but also because I’m looking for someone real and I give what I hope and expect to get back in a relationship. Maybe I’m too old school for you, but if loyalty from the beginning is something you can’t grasp, then you definitely aren’t ready or deserving of someone like me.
  4. It shouldn’t be a difficult concept to grasp. I don’t get why so many guys don’t understand the concept of loyalty. They think that just because they have easy access to options that they need to exercise this right at all costs. It’s complete BS. If you want a real and honest type of love, you have to be a real and honest man yourself. It’s time to grow up.
  5. I deserve to know whether or not I can trust you. If we’re dating and I think there’s an actual chance we could be something amazing, I deserve to know where I stand and if I can trust you. I shouldn’t need to wonder if I’m the only person in your life — you should be making it clear. If you’re not giving me the same respect and courtesy I’m giving you, like I said, you need to GTFO. I won’t stand for this garbage anymore.
  6. Honest love is the best kind of love. When I picture the love of my life, I want that love to be the kind of love that’s always honest and raw. There are no games. There’s no hiding. There’s no outside temptation. It shouldn’t be a question of what better options might be out there, and if it is, man up and tell me so I can move the hell on with my life.
  7. I’m not an option, I’m a choice. I’m not the kind of girl you put on your roster. I’m a real catch, so if you’ve caught me and don’t intend to keep me because you’re too busy living in your entitled world of multiple women then let me go and I’ll be better off for it. I’d rather be someone’s first choice. If I’m not, I don’t want to be an option at all.
  8. I’m sick of the BS excuses and reasons. To me, there’s literally nothing you can say to convince me that not offering me your loyalty is okay. I don’t buy the whole, “Well, I’m dating around to figure out what I like better” or the, “I’m not quite ready, but will be soon” nonsense. Date me respectfully or don’t date me at all.
  9. I’m smart enough to walk away from less than what I want. If you can’t offer me the loyalty I’m looking for, I’m strong enough to handle it because moving on from what I don’t want is a step in the right direction and towards what I do. It’s pretty simple with me — you’re either the kind of man I want and you’re willing to step up to the plate or you’re not. Like I said, no loyalty is a dealbreaker for me and I won’t be re-negotiating my terms, ever.
  10. I’m looking for something truly real and I won’t settle for less. What I’m looking for is a love that’s both honest from the beginning and will last until every hair on my head is grey. I deserve the kind of guy who knows what he has when he has me and doesn’t need to explore other options because he’s unsure. If I’m dating you and there’s potential, I’m giving you my loyalty and I deserve yours in return.