I’m So Over Guys Who Use Being “Busy” As An Excuse For Everything

Is there anything worse than a guy who constantly uses his “busy” schedule as an excuse for… well, everything?  I’m a busy woman with a hectic schedule, and if I can make the time to fit a guy into my world, he can do the same.

Fun fact: adult life is busy. I get it, hustling life as an adult gets hectic — I live the same struggle myself. We’re all constantly on the go, but at the end of the day, we make time for the things that matter. No matter how busy I am, there’s always time for the people I care about (or think I could care about someday), plain and simple.

This excuse is tired AF. Guys are constantly using this excuse as a ‘get of jail free’ card for being lazy communicators. It’s really not all that difficult to take 30 seconds away from the grind to send a text or make a plan with me if we’re dating; otherwise, why are we bothering at all? If a guy doesn’t have the adequate time to devote some actual effort into getting to know me, he isn’t worth my time either.

“Busy” is rarely a legit excuse for what’s really going on. I’ve learned that most of the time when guys use this line, it’s like the universal Batsignal before he goes completely rogue and ghosts. There are rare exceptions when a guy is actually legitimately busy, and I support the guys who are actually hustling hard to make big stuff happen for themselves, but like I said, those guys are rare. Most of the time if a guy starts dropping the busy excuse all the time, it’s time for me to move on to someone who actually gives a crap.

What makes them so special? Why is that guys always feel the need to use this excuse on women as if we aren’t equally, if not sometimes even busier than they are? What makes them the special sultan of schedules? I work multiple jobs, I find the time to stay active and healthy and I have a home and social life that needs my time and attention as well. Somehow, I manage to balance at all. These guys aren’t busy, they’re just lazy and making excuses to avoid hurting feelings — not cool.

I won’t be sticking around to be blown off repeatedly. There’s usually no point in waiting around and hoping that a guy who’s seemingly always busy will suddenly incorporate me into his life in a real and sincere way. If he liked me enough from the start, he would be doing those things already. I’m looking for someone who will make an effort to fit me into his world and is into making lasting memories with me for the long haul — and I’m never going to get there with a guy who doesn’t make me a priority in his life.

It’s usually code for “he’s just not that into you.” Nine times out of 10, a guy who’s always “busy” is simply not as into me as I am into him, and even though it sucks to fully wrap my head around this logic, it’s the brutal truth. I wish guys would just be honest and upfront about how they’re feeling (or not feeling), but a lot of guys these days completely lack common decency and respect, so it’s up to me to read between the lines. As awful as it is, if he doesn’t have the time to treat me like a prize now, I’ll never be one later down the road. I refuse to stick around and send the message that I’m desperate for attention.

I’m busy too — busy moving on. I have too much dignity than to let a guy string me along and keep me hanging by a thread just so he can feel an ego boost from me whenever it’s convenient for him — screw that. If he’s too busy for me, I’ll be too busy moving on from him to give a damn. I’m over it.

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