Why I’m So Much Happier Since I Stopped Obsessing Over My Body

Like many women, I used to obsess about my body. I weighed myself every day, sometimes twice a day. I tried to eat less, run more, and dress strategically to hide what I felt what my problem areas were. No matter what I looked like, I was never satisfied. One day, I decided enough was enough, and I stopped obsessing over what my body looked like. Now, I’m a significantly happier person for these 8 reasons:

  1. Working out is actually enjoyable again. Working out is no longer a chore or something I feel like I have to do. There’s no stress when I’m there, and I don’t feel guilty when I take some time off. I have fun when I work out now, and it’s a great way to decompress.
  2. My hard work is never “undone.” I can’t accidentally undo all the hard work at put in with my friendships and relationship, at my jobs, or around my fixer upper house. If I end up splurging on a pizza or having a few too many whiskey sours, the results of all my hard work are there, just the same.
  3. Delicious food makes me happy. There’s no guilt associated with food now. I don’t look at a burrito and mentally convert it into calories and kettle bell swings. Now it’s just a burrito. A perfect, delicious burrito.
  4. I have more adventures. I no longer miss out on things because I need to be in the gym. I don’t skip dinner parties out of fear that the food won’t be healthy enough. I have more freedom to live life and have adventures, and I’m enjoying every day of it.
  5. There’s more storage on my phone. Goodbye, pesky calorie counting and workout apps. There’s no more logging my meals and reps, and there’s more room on my phone for selfies of my beautiful, squishy body.
  6. I’m less self-conscious. Even though I objectively had a better body before, I am actually less self-conscious now. I used to feel like everyone could tell if I gained a pound, and was harshly judging me for it. Now, I just accept that I am who I am and if people don’t like me because I’m thick, they aren’t the kind of people I’d want to make friends with anyway.
  7. I have more money. I spent a lot of money attempting to obtain a better body. Of course, all of those quick fixes are scams that prey on women’s insecurities, but if there was even a slim chance that it would work, I wanted it. I have more money to save or spend on things worthwhile, and extra cash tends to make most people happier.
  8. Sex is more fun. I’m not concerned with how my body looks during sex, which is very liberating. I can let go, relax, and enjoy the act without feeling self-conscious. I’m not distracted by my own body, so sex is more intense and enjoyable- and my boyfriend is enjoying my new found confidence, as well.
Holly Harris is a freelance writer, full time student, and mommy to a toddler sass monster. In her (nearly nonexistent) free time, you can find her lifting something heavy in her home gym or chugging vodka sodas with friends. She contributes to several other sites, including Elite Daily.