I’m A Homebody & It’s Awesome — I’ll Always Pick Staying Home Over Going Out

When you’re a woman who absolutely relishes staying at home, people just don’t seem to get your love for staying in. Sure, you have plenty of friends and no shortage of event invites, but you’d still rather hang out at your own place most of the time. It’s not that you’re boring — it’s just that you prefer living in complete comfort as often as possible. If you’re a true homebody, you’ll definitely relate to these things:

  1. Hosting dinner parties is your jam. Why go out when you have everything you need right in your very own abode? Instead of hitting up bars and wasting your money on overpriced drinks, you’d much rather have your favorite people over for a wicked meal paired with some fancy wine.
  2. You can never have too many sets of PJs. Pajamas are essentially your staple wardrobe item, and you simply can never get enough. You even own themed pajamas to match each season and holiday. At this point, you almost have more PJs than you do “going out clothes.” Uh oh.
  3. Onesies are life. And no one can convince you otherwise. You own at least three and are always on the lookout for cute new ones to add to your collection. It’s a problem.
  4. You’re constantly waiting for the latest Netflix shows to drop. Whenever Netflix sends you their “recently added” emails, you can’t wait to find out what’s on the menu — especially since you rip through an entire TV series like nobody’s business and you’re just itching for something new to dive into.
  5. You have multiple pairs of slippers. And they’re all so damn comfortable. You don’t understand anyone who doesn’t own their own. Quite frankly, you think they’re downright bizarre. Who wants to wear uncomfortable shoes when you can feel like you’re walking on clouds?
  6. Canceled plans are the best. If someone bails on you last minute, you don’t even sweat it. In fact, you’re secretly relieved because it means you get to spend yet another night in your own home oasis. Ahhhh.
  7. You always have all the best snacks and can cook like a pro. You graduated from Kraft mac and cheese and chicken nuggets long ago, and your cooking is undeniably thebomb.com. It’s part of why you love staying home so much: to cook and eat ALL the things. Whenever your friends come over, they always love their trip to Snacktown.
  8. You’re never sleep-deprived and you always have time to shower. People who stay out late and show up to work hungover are not your people. You’re always well rested, bathed, and chipper from living most of your downtime in a total and complete state of zen.
  9. You feel a special joy ordering take-out. When you do splurge on a take-out, you know all the best places in the neighborhood and feel a sigh of relief at the thought of not having to clean your kitchen up afterwards. Plus, it’s always nice to catch up with your favorite delivery drivers, who know you on a first-name basis.
  10. You’re totally domesticated and your home is always on point. You’re not an animal who lives in the wild, and you certainly don’t slack on keeping your homebody lifestyle on point. If you’re going to spend most of your time at home, you take pride in it being tastefully cleaned and tidied at all times.
  11. You fill your social void with social media on the couch. If you do ever feel the pangs of social withdrawal, it’s not a big deal because it can be tamed in a pinch. You’ll simply curl up in one of your onesies in your favorite spot on the couch and catch up with everyone through social media and text. You might even decide to invite a friend over for dinner and snacks. Problem solved.
  12. No pants are the best pants. And no pants parties are the best parties. You don’t even close the curtains anymore — you’re a homebody and you DGAF who knows it. Hi, neighbor!
  13. Your furnishings are comfy AF. Your bed is like butter and your couch is the perfect size and fit for your body because you’ve dug your couch spot and worn it in well over time. You’ll die before you let company sit in your special couch spot — it’s your throne and it’s reserved for just you.
  14. You more than likely have a pet that you talk to routinely. Mr. Fluffy rules your home kingdom with you, and without him there, things wouldn’t be the same. In fact, he was probably the reason you started staying at home so much in the first place. You just couldn’t wait to come home to his cuteness and snuggles.
  15. To you, there’s no place like home. You don’t feel any sense of FOMO when you miss out on grand events or ridiculous and over-the-top parties because to you, the party is wherever you feel the most comfortable. People may not get you or how you can stay in your apartment for an entire weekend without leaving and still rave that it was the best weekend ever, but you don’t really care. You’re a proud homebody, and you wouldn’t trade your relaxing nights at home for anything.