I’m Kind Of A Hot Mess But That’s Exactly Why I’m Fun To Date

I’ve always been told that I’m a little rough around the edges. Some people think that being a little bit of a hot mess is unattractive but I think it makes me so much more interesting than girls who pretend to have all their ducks in a row. I’ve always been a little bit off the beaten path and that’s okay—trailblazers are more fun to love!

  1. I’M NOT PREDICTABLE. I am not the kind of girl who has settled into her habits and plans. You won’t find me with the same people every weekend doing the typical pizza and a movie routine. I am always throwing a wrench into comfortable plans and being spontaneous. The mystery of what I’ll get into next keeps things very interesting for a guy who likes adventure.
  2. I NEVER PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING I’M NOT. I am very comfortable being myself and fully embrace who I am. I’m not going to put up a front around other people pretending that my life is something else. I only want people around who love who I really am, even my all-over-the-place personality. If my friends wanted someone who had everything together, they wouldn’t be my friends.
  3. I EMBRACE MY MISTAKES. I’m not afraid to fail and do it often. It’s so important not to take yourself too seriously, and being able to laugh at yourself is super attractive. I am comfortable with taking risks knowing there’s a possibility that things won’t work out and I know I’ll learn from the outcomes either way.
  4. I KNOW I’M A HOT MESS. You don’t have to tell me twice—I know that I’m all over the place. Instead of hiding the fact that I can be overwhelming at times, I embrace it. Yes, my house is full of unpacked suitcases because I was too busy planning my next adventure. I think one of my greatest assets is being able to pursue life without fear of looking unorganized while I do it.
  5. I DON’T FIT IN WITH EVERYONE. You know that saying “not everyone’s cup of tea but someone’s shot of whiskey”? I’m 100 percent the shot of whiskey, and that’s okay. I don’t need to have approval from everyone and I march to the beat of my own drum. Some people find that kind of uncomfortable but plenty of others think it’s attractive AF. Not pleasing everyone is a small inconvenience to choosing to be yourself.
  6. I CAN HANG WITH THE BOYS. I’m the type of girl who can go all out on a girls weekend with my besties, then go right to the beer and bonfire scene with the boys. I’ve always fit right in with my boyfriends’ buddies and love to drink a beer around a bonfire on a Friday night. I love having a good mix of close guy and girl friends, it keeps things more interesting!
  7. I DON’T MIND GETTING DIRTY. Whether we are going camping or just doing yard work, I’m not afraid to get dirty. I like to look nice but I don’t take my appearance so seriously that I can’t put my hands in the mud. I’m the type of girl who will hang with you, even if what we’re doing isn’t super glamorous.
  8. I’M TOUGH. Don’t get it confused, I’m not a fragile girl. The first rule in life is when you get bucked off the horse, you get right back on. So whether it’s hanging tough in the saddle or weathering the bumpy roads of a relationship, you can bet I’ll hang in there.
  9. I’M FINE DOING THINGS ON MY OWN. I love to have my guy around but that doesn’t mean I need him to entertain me all day. I’m more than capable of knocking out my to-do list all on my own. In fact, I enjoy my own company. If a guy has his own responsibilities to take care of, that’s fine. I’m more than happy to hang out with myself in the meantime. Even better, give me half of the list and I’ll run those errands myself.
  10. I DO MY OWN THING. Loving something because everyone else does just isn’t my style. I like to explore my own interests despite what anyone else thinks. I don’t always relate to people because we just aren’t living the same kind of life but it’s okay with me. I love to venture off the beaten path and do things the unconventional way.
  11. I HATE ROUTINE. When it comes to routine, I get burnt out quickly. I thrive on spontaneous adventures and switching up my routine constantly. I may be hard to pinpoint sometimes but I’ll definitely keep a guy on his toes.
  12. I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT TONS OF THINGS. My passion may be all over the place but isn’t that better than being complacent about life? My list of dreams is always being added to and I’m never out of adventures to pursue. I may be a little over-zealous and overwhelming but being obsessed with life is who I am.
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I love old things and new places. I wear turquoise jewelry and a Midwest attitude. I can usually be found writing on rodeo fashion in Texas or making margaritas in my kitchen.