I’m Not The Woman You Keep On The Bench, I’m The Star You Put On The Field

I’m Not The Woman You Keep On The Bench, I’m The Star You Put On The Field ©iStock/a-wrangler

I’ve already been ghosted and messed around more times than one woman should have to, and I’m certainly not going to put up with being benched by anyone. If our vibe is right and things are going well, there’s no need for you to have anyone else in the picture. I refuse to stand by and wait around like a moron while you hold me back from my full potential because your ego has tricked you into thinking you can have the best of both worlds — screw that. I’m not the woman you keep on the bench, I’m the star you put on the field.

  1. This is not a game. If you treat me like a player in your game of charades, I’ll be happy to act out the beautiful sight of my ass as I walk away from you as fast as I can. It might sound harsh, but if I’m not the star in your show, I don’t want a role at all.
  2. I’m looking to be the MVP in someone’s life. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore — I’ve been there and done that. I refuse to settle for halfway when I’m ready and laced up to run the full course. I want to be someone’s leading lady. I want to be someone’s one and only. If I can’t have that with you, I’ll happily move on to someone who will value me fully.
  3. I’m a one woman wolf-pack. I shouldn’t have to compete with anyone when I’ve been a lone soldier all this time. I didn’t sign up for dating so I could stand in a lineup and be thrown into a rotation of your own personal convenience. If you have the right to be selfish by playing me this way, then I have the right to tell you to kick rocks.
  4. I’ll move on before you get the chance. I’ll happily walk from any dating contract you offer me that isn’t the real deal. I’m too grown and experienced to sit on the bench while you decide what you want. I’ll make the choice easy for you.
  5. I’m ready to play for keeps. I’m here and I’m ready — I’ve trained hard for this. My heart has been tackled down and survived a few times before so I know that I’m strong enough to play in the big game. What I’m looking for is something real. If you’re only texting me enough to keep me engaged, then forgive me when I stop texting you at all. I’m not about to sit on anyone’s bench.
  6. I’m not a halftime show. I don’t want to be halfway in someone’s life anymore — it’s go big or go home. I’ve been blinded by my feelings before and it’s made me stick around with guys far longer than I should have. I’ve been hurt and discouraged but I retrained myself and healed my old injuries properly and I’m only looking to be in a true starring position from now on. If you can’t deliver, let me know because I’ve got better stuff to do than to fall back into old patterns.
  7. Having me in your life isn’t my luxury, it’s yours. If you don’t see my value, you need to move the hell on. Being in your life and having you pay me small and sparse affections isn’t my luxury. The real appreciation should be coming from you, because you’re lucky that I’ve even paid attention to you in the first place. I’m a prize.
  8. I’m in it to win it — I don’t have time for losers. I’m sick of being cast aside like I’m no big deal. I have the confidence in myself to know that being benched is complete BS and I refuse to put up with it. I’m dating for real and I’m dating to win the grand prize of love. If we’re not on the same page, I’ll see myself out. I don’t have time for losers when I know I’m a star.