I’m The Only Person I Know Who’s Never Been In Love & Sometimes That Sucks

I’m The Only Person I Know Who’s Never Been In Love & Sometimes That Sucks ©iStock/a-wrangler

At a certain point in life, it seems like everyone falls madly in love with Mr. Right and lives happily ever after… or at least for a little while. Watching that happen around you is beautiful, but also pretty strange when you’ve never experienced it yourself. It’s not like finding your soulmate is your only priority in life, but you can’t help but crave it sometimes. Here’s what it’s like when you’re the only person you know who hasn’t been in love.

  1. You wonder if you’re capable. You know that you’re capable of love, but every once in a while, you wonder if that’s true or if you actually have some sort of strange Grinch heart that needs growing.
  2. You wonder if maybe you have been in love but didn’t realize it. It seems like by this point, you would have felt at least a little bit of the good stuff, so you wonder if maybe you were in love with your ex, you just thought it was supposed to be more grand or something.
  3. But then you’re certain that you haven’t. Your heart basically burst open when you met your niece, so you know what love feels like… and if romantic love is even a fraction of that, then you couldn’t have been in love before because you would have known it.
  4. People are always telling you that your time will come. And it’s pretty annoying. You wonder why they feel like they even need to say that to begin with, because it’s cliche and might not even be true.
  5. You wonder how you fell so far behind. Suddenly your high school friends are about to pop out baby number three and you’re still trying to figure out this whole dating thing. You assumed there was going to be a little more time between being a kid and being a proper adult, but that seems to have flown by.
  6. Sometimes you can’t believe that so many people are really in love. If it’s such a special thing, you wonder how everyone you know magically falls in love with someone who loves them back right on schedule. Love always seemed a bit more elusive to you, so how is it everywhere?
  7. You wonder if you’re supposed to be making some sort of effort. You’re not sure what sort of effort that might be exactly, but it seems pretty simple for a lot of people are you have no idea why.
  8. You’re grateful that you haven’t loved and lost. A lot of those couples you’ve seen fall madly in love had some pretty nuts breakups, as well, so you’re fine waiting for the right one.
  9. You wonder if it will change you. You never thought some of your friends would move… until they fell in love and bounced out on the next flight to be with him. It’s hard to imagine changing your mind about certain things, but you can’t know for certain until you experience it.
  10. You just hope the world has some plans for you. You’re not in any rush, per se, but you would like to experience it at some point… preferably with little effort on your end and some sort of magical meeting to have a story for the wedding. Hey, it happens.
  11. You daydream about love, but it’s also hard to imagine. You’ve dated some pretty cool people, so it’s nuts to imagine what the person will be like that you actually fall in love with. You’ll just have to be patient until it happens.
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