I’m Tired Of Falling For Guys Who Aren’t Strong Enough To Catch Me

It’s hard being a woman who’s totally and completely ready for love but constantly meeting guys who just aren’t on my level. I’ve always gone into love with the best intentions, but I seem to be the only one. I’m sick of being feared, dismissed and led on by guys who continue to waste my time — in fact, I’m officially done with falling for guys who aren’t strong enough to catch me.

  1. Dating me isn’t a challenge, it’s a gift. It used to be that guys wanted a strong and independent woman who had her own life and could take care of herself, but these days, it seems like the women who need a guy are the ones snatching up all of the eligible bachelors — what gives? I’m not the type of woman who should be overlooked. In fact, having a woman like me as a life partner is a lottery-sized prize.
  2. Feelings shouldn’t be scary — they’re what make you human. I’m completely frustrated by the fact that most guys these days are so terrified of feelings. Half the time, they can’t even admit to liking me and instead they run as soon as they feel an ounce of something real. Ugh. I want the guy who isn’t afraid of communicating how he feels and where we stand — it’s a completely natural and normal thing and a relationship can’t evolve without it.
  3. Most guys are terrified of love but don’t hesitate to waste my time anyway. There are a ton of guys out there who are dating up a storm but aren’t into long term relationships or getting serious about anyone. I just don’t get it — WTF? Why have so many people devalued the meaning of love and committed partnerships? What’s the point in dating if we aren’t working towards building a future together? I’d rather be alone than deal with this BS.
  4. I’m looking for something truly meaningful. What I’m looking for is pretty simple — a real, loving relationship. It seems impossible to find a guy who wants to be an actual partner. Instead, they string me along, give me a false sense of hope and then swiftly crush all my daydreams by ghosting me, benching me or bailing at the first sign of a flaw. Here’s a thought — if you’re not dating to possibly find a relationship, stay away from me.
  5. It’s a nauseating process. I know deep down in my heart that it’ll all work out sooner or later, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an exhausting process in the meantime. Men just aren’t what they used to be these days and I’m sick of putting my time, energy and heart into guys who don’t give a crap about anything in return, except maybe about getting laid.
  6. How is it this hard to find real love? Love is harder to find than ever before. Maybe it’s because sex is so easily attainable. Perhaps it’s because we’re deluded with the idea that we have so many options. Why doesn’t anyone look at our dating landscape rationally anymore? Having one person to love for the rest of your life used to be a coveted thing, and now it’s more like a plague. How did we get here?
  7. Real men are as rare as unicorns. Finding a good guy is becoming more and more difficult since many of the newly single guys get caught up in the disaster that is modern dating culture. That only breeds more clueless guys who don’t know what they want but won’t hesitate to waste my time for the hell of it and because I’m good enough until they find their next distraction. It would be nice to finally meet a guy who has what I’m looking for and will actually be there to catch me when I fall for him. I’m tired of getting up off the floor on my own.
  8. There’s no point in starting what you can’t finish. When a guy wastes my time and then says that he doesn’t see a future and isn’t ready for anything serious, it always boggles my mind because I’m very upfront from the start in what I’m looking for. I don’t want to casually date; I don’t want a late night hookup buddy and I don’t want to avoid labels because a guy doesn’t have the balls to man up and take risks. I want a guy who matches my intentions.
  9. I’m putting my foot down and saying no more to this BS. Maybe it seems harsh, but I’m completely done with falling for morons who aren’t there for me when things start to get real. If a guy isn’t on the same page as me from the beginning, I’m not taking the risk. I refuse to be one of those women who feed themselves the BS hope of “you never know.” That logic has never worked for me thus far.
  10. From now on, I’m only making room for the guys who truly step up. If a guy truly wants to be in my life, he’s going to need to step up in a really big way. I need to know that he wants me. I need to see that he cares in the way that he treats me. I need a guy who will have those honest conversations with me and will be cute and affectionate in a way I’ll never question. I want the guy who reciprocates the feelings and effort that I put out. I’m done dating guys who aren’t strong enough to catch me.