I’m Too Much For Weak Men—Here’s Why I Don’t Care

Weak men lack mental and emotional strength. They criticize, they demonize, and they try to mold strong women into submissive ones—screw that noise. I’m “too much” for these dudes and I couldn’t care less.

  1. Weak men lie. Men who are emotionally weak always gravitate towards lying, whether he’s lying to get you into bed or lying about who he really is on the inside. He uses lies to manipulate situations and to get whatever he wants whenever he wants it. I’m a brutally honest person. I’m so honest that it kicks me in the behind sometimes. I don’t have the energy to be constantly on the edge, trying to decode some guy’s ridiculous lies. I need trust in a relationship. I’m not down with deception.
  2. Weak men make excuses. There’s always an excuse falling out of a weak man’s mouth. He finds excuses for his crappy behavior and even crappier demeanor. Every time you confront him on his BS, he’ll have a mental list of justifications. We’re not kids anymore so there’s no reason to not own up to his mistakes. I’m working on getting my own life together, I can’t be with a guy who doesn’t have the motivation to do the same for himself. I can’t stand a complainer.
  3. Weak men are cocky. I can’t stand cocky men. There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance. A weak man seems to jump over this thin line and run with it. He’ll fake his perfection and he’ll protect it at any cost. It’s distasteful and gross. If you never self-evaluate, how can you grow as a person? I don’t want to be tied down with a boy that thinks he’s a man.
  4. Weak men think they’re always right. This is the most annoying quality that anyone can have. Thinking that he’s always right and you’re always wrong gets tiring. As a strong woman, I know when to bow and apologize when I’m wrong. It’s called growth, dude. But I’m too stubborn to take the heat when I’m right. This awful behavior ties in with lying. You can catch him in the act of lying, correct him, and he’ll end up super defensive because he can’t just admit he was wrong. Ugh. What comes with inner strength is humility. Pass.
  5. Weak men are selfish. With a big ego comes the tendency to be super selfish and narcissistic. He’ll manipulate until he gets what he wants and doesn’t care what it costs anyone else. He’s entitled and thinks he deserves everything handed to him. If he doesn’t get what he wants, he throws a temper tantrum. Instead of throwing himself on the floor like a toddler, he throws fists and angry words. I’m a giver—I give to the people I love. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give to get back, but it sure would be nice to be on the receiving end every now and then.
  6. Weak men try to intimidate. A weak man will try to intimidate and bully others, especially when they come across a strong woman. They belittle and find any way to bring her down by using her insecurities. Since he’s insecure underneath all that ego and manipulation, he needs an outlet for his own anger and frustration. A weak man is nothing but an insecure little boy. He can’t stand to be around anyone that could possibly match him in intelligence. He doesn’t get to put me down to make himself feel better about his own insecurities.
  7. Weak men are mediocre. I’ll never settle for a mediocre man. A weak man has that huge ego we keep talking about but in reality, he’s plain. He’s just average and he hates it. He’s just like every three out of five men walking down the street. I don’t want a cliche because I’m striving for being fabulous every. single. day. Cool your jets, dude. You have to impress me with your personality. I don’t want a boring guy with a crappy attitude.
  8. Weak men aren’t worth my time. For most of my twenties, I dated weak men. They were attracted to me like we were magnets. I tried to alter myself to be this idealized women they formed in their minds. I fed into their ego boosts and the manipulative behavior. It was exhausting and unstable. Weak men use charm to hook you. Once you’re on the line, the facade falls away. My strength came out when I was at my darkest. My strength denies negative, childish, and weak men.
Casey Elizabeth Dennis is a freelance writer and part time poet. She's passionate about mental health and horror movies. You can find her either writing or catching Pokemon in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa.