I’m Waiting To Date Until I Meet Someone AWESOME Who Has Staying Power

I’ve stopped trying to date aggressively because honestly, I’m in no rush. I’m tired of wasting time with immature guys who don’t show any lasting interest. I’m waiting on someone who’s amazing and who shows genuine and serious intentions of sticking around.

I’m too old for this BS. It’s the truth. I don’t have any time to waste on games. I’d rather expend my energy on meaningful activities and people rather than men who only stick around for a moment or two. It’s truly not worth it. I’m not desperate to find someone, so I’m going to wait for the right person.

I don’t have the patience for liars, players, and toxic dudes. I used to submit to the desires of disposable men because I didn’t believe in my own value and worth. Now that I’m well aware of it, I’m also more discerning about how I choose to live my life. I refuse to spend one more minute trying to win the love of some man who doesn’t deserve me.

I’m done playing the game. That’s all it is—one big, long, boring, stupid game. I used to hope that it would end differently, but it never does, so I cut my losses and cashed out. I don’t deal with petty, inconsequential flings anymore. I suppose some people are into them but they’ve never done much for me.

I’d rather be single AF than keep dating duds. I’m actually quite happy on my own. I have control over my feelings and I’m not allowing some random guy to manipulate my emotions and moods. It’s far preferable to the alternative, especially when every dude ends up behaving exactly the same. I’m over it.

I’m ready for a serious, stable relationship. I’ve never been the type to date around a lot anyway, but I also stayed in several long-term relationships that I should’ve ended way sooner. I’ve gotten smarter and the lengths of my relationships have gotten shorter because I recognize when they don’t work. Now I’m ready to commit again, but only to the right person.

I can’t handle the roller coaster of emotions that come with casual dating. Dating barely even exists anymore. It drives me crazy. Guys buy me one or two drinks and suddenly I’m expected to come over and bone. I can’t stand it and I get so frustrated that it affects my mood. It’s ridiculous what women let men get away with these days in the name of being “chill.”

I’m tired enough even when I’m not dating. I lead a hectic life and I’m always running around trying to get everything done. Frankly, unless a guy is really special, I’d rather get a couple extra hours of sleep. If I’m going to adjust my schedule and carve out some time to spend with a man, he’d better appreciate it.

I know my worth and I won’t compromise it again. This is for damn sure! I look back on all the dating mistakes I’ve made and I try to learn from each and every one of them. I don’t want to keep repeating the same bad patterns. I don’t beat myself up over it but I’m not going to bend over backward anymore for men who don’t deserve it.

Any man who understands my value will stick around. I’ve realized that my biggest problem is that I dive in too quickly. I get emotionally involved before I know whether he’s going to have the maturity to be with me, which inevitably he doesn’t. Now I understand that I need to take it slow because the right man will jump at the chance to stay with me long-term.

I need someone mature and grounded in my life. I had a savior complex for a long time and I was always dating broken men because I thought I could fix them. I learned the hard way that trying to fix another person never works. Now I’ve grown up and changed and I want a partner who is at the same level I am.

I’ve experimented and now I’m ready for something magical. I’ve learned a lot about what works for me and what doesn’t. I’ve also learned a lot about what I need from a partner and a relationship and I don’t waste time now when I see those things are lacking. I’m not dating anyone unless he has potential to become big love.

I’d rather focus on my own life than keep wasting energy on lame guys. I have so many goals to accomplish with no time to waste. I used to expend all this effort on dating and I’d get really frustrated when that effort wasn’t reciprocated. I’ve figured out that I have to stop expecting stellar behavior from sub-par people and get rid of them instead.

Dating is truly overrated anyway—I want a relationship. I know that I have to date in order to get into a relationship, but I’m waiting until I meet someone who I know has potential. I hate dating and I’m not going to spend any more time on it if the guy isn’t trying damn hard to be with me. If we begin as friends, great—at least we’ll have a stable foundation!

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