I’m Independent & Self-Sufficient But I Secretly Want A Guy To Take Care Of Me

When Ne-Yo wrote “Miss Independent,” I’m almost entirely sure he was talking about me. However, despite being a total badass in my work life and social life, I want to feel loved and cared for by a man at the end of a long day. Is that so wrong?

  1. I want him to baby me just a little. It gets tiring being a boss all day long. Some days I just want to come home to the man I love most and feel small in his arms. I want someone to baby me just a little bit—enough to remind me that I could run the world during business hours but after hours, I’m just his to cuddle.
  2. I want him to open the car door for me. Chivalry doesn’t have to be dead. I can open my own car door, sure. I could pull out my own chair too, but it makes me fall in love all over again when a man wants to do those small things for me, not because he thinks I can’t do these things myself but because he thinks I shouldn’t have to.
  3. I’d rather him fix things for me even if I can do it myself. Admittedly, this one I can’t quite do on my own, but that’s what a good boyfriend is for! I love when a man sees a task that calls for tools and immediately does it for me. I could build an IKEA bed all on my own if I really wanted to… but I don’t want to. I want a strong, loving boyfriend to do it for me.
  4. I make good money but I love when he insists on paying. I’m the kind of woman who prides myself on having a solid, well-paying job. Plus, I love treating my guy to dinner once in a while too. Still, I love when a guy reaches for the check and pays it without question. I love being wined and dined, and when a man insists on paying, it makes me feel like he’s got me (even though I’ve got myself).
  5. I’ll fight anyone but I want him to stand up for me anyway. I’m crazy, no doubt about it. If someone behaves rudely towards me, I’ll say something right back. It’s not that I can’t stand up for myself, but to have the man who loves me want to defend me in any way he can is an amazing feeling. It lets me know that even though I could knock someone out if I needed to, it would be a cold day in hell before my boyfriend ever let anyone disrespect me in the first place.
  6. It’d be great if he’d carry my bags for me even if they’re really light. I like to think being in a relationship for a strong woman should mean she should never have to carry grocery bags or shopping bags ever again. Obviously I could strong-arm my whole trunk-full of groceries in one trip, but when a man insists on carrying them for me, that makes me pretty happy.
  7. I want him to get in the kitchen and cook for me once in a while. Cooking a meal for someone is an example of one of my favorite love languages—acts of service. Cooking and cleaning for me are two very simple things a man can do that lets me know he can take care of me. Even though we’d probably both enjoy it more if I cooked (I’m really good at it), I think the gesture of having your guy cook for you shows care and affection on a whole different level.
  8. I want him to compliment me especially when I’m already feeling myself. I wake up every morning feeling amazingly beautiful. But all women get insecure some days. On those days, I crave for the man I love to tell me how insanely gorgeous he thinks I am. It uplifts me and makes me feel cared for in such a personal way. Even if he complimented me on days that I look like a walking Instagram picture, his compliments and affection would let me feel like I’ve got a guy who would follow me to the ends of the Earth.
  9. He should let me be submissive since I dominate in every other aspect of my life. I’m out there killing it on the daily, 9 am to 9 pm. Having said that, when I get home, I’m absolutely drained. Women are invincible most days but we’re only human. I love when a man gets that I’ve been a badass all day long and when it comes to activities in the bed, I would rather someone else show me who’s boss for once.
  10. I’d love him to comfort me during my breakdowns because those don’t happen too often. I may be a strong, determined and hard-working woman but with so many responsibilities, I’m bound to come crashing down at one point and I do. These moments, although they’re rare, would become so much easier with a loving boyfriend to calm me down and tell me I’d be just fine.