This 18-Foot Inflatable Airplane Float Will Let You Traverse The Water In Style

It may not officially be summer just yet, but you’ll forgive my enthusiasm for those long, hot days in the sun, hanging out with friends and just living my best life — especially since I plan on doing so on one of these inflatable airplane floats* with all my friends. Yep, it’s all happening in 2020, you guys.

  1. This thing is HUGE. Not quite as big as an actual airplane, but this inflatable float is 18 feet long, which is plenty big enough to fit you and a bunch of your friends in it. Made my Member’s Mark Island, it can hold up to six people, meaning no one has to miss out on traveling in style.
  2. It has built-in coolers and cup holders. If there’s one thing you want to do while enjoying a day on the high seas (or, you know, the local lake or massive pool), it’s drink. You won’t need to leave the airplane float for this one because this inflatable comes with TWO built-in coolers as well as cup holders to ensure the party is never interrupted. Don’t forget the snacks!
  3. It’s fun for kids and adults alike. While adults can understand the novelty lure of an inflatable airplane float, kids will go nuts for it too, especially since to them it’ll be pretty oversized. “It’s large enough for the whole family — kids and adults will enjoy being out in the sun together,” reads the description. “The novelty float includes an inflated rear swim platform with handles for easy mounting and dismounting.” Nice!
  4. You can order it online, which is always convenient. Member’s Mark Island is selling their inflatable airplane float via the Sam’s Club website for $169.98 HERE. You can order online and get it delivered right to your doorstep, which means no having to put on “outside clothes” to go pick it up. Pretty sweet, right?
  5. Oh, and don’t forget an electric pump! You might be able to blow this thing up manually, but you don’t have time to waste, right?

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