These Inflatable Car Buddies Will Keep You Company While You’re Stuck In Traffic This Holiday Season

Getting stuck in traffic sucks, especially around the holidays. You just want to hurry up and get home to your loved ones and start drinking hot cocoa and watching Home Alone (or whatever your fav Christmas movie might be). However, if you are on the roads making a long trek home all by your lonesome, why not take one of these inflatable car buddies* along for the ride with you?

  1. Just blow them up and they’re ready to ride shotgun. An inflatable car buddy is exactly what it sounds like: a figure you blow up and plop in the passenger side of your car to keep you company on your journey. Just make sure to strap your buddy in because safety always comes first!
  2. There are three designs available for Christmas. Because everyone has their preference when it comes to Christmas characters, you can choose to ride with an inflatable snowman car buddy, an inflatable Santa Claus car buddy, or even an inflatable Grinch car buddy. The choice is yours!
  3. You’ll definitely bring the holiday spirit to other cars. Imagine how you’d feel crawling down the freeway or even coming to a total standstill, only to look over and see the car next to you chillin’ with a inflatable Christmas character? The figures are even made to wave at passers-by!
  4. If this sounds like something you’d like, you can order your inflatable car buddy on Amazon. The links are provided above – they’ll run you about $30 each with free shipping and should arrive in just a few days, giving you plenty of time to get them all ready for that long drive home. Happy buying!

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